Month: July 2003

Steve Khan

Steve Khan

Steve Khan is one of our most distinguished guitar players. Over the last thirty years, he has experimented with jazz, and jazz-fusion to create some brilliant music. A distinguished author, he has written books on subjects ranging from the just published, PENTATONIC KHANCEPTS to transcriptions of Montgomery and Martino. He is a fountain of knowledge. AL: IS THERE ANYTHING IN THE WORKS? SK: The tr... »

Jeff Coffin

Jeff Coffin Interview

Jeff Coffin is one of the most accomplished sax players today. He bacame a very familiar name after the Flecktones hired him as their fourth member. As a flecktone he has toured around the planet performing in front of thousands of people. An endless thirst for new ideas and sound, he has been touring with his own band featuring the great Jeff Sipe on drums. His last two records are a testament to... »

Pat Martino

Pat Martino Interview

When guitarist Pat Martino walked the streets of Harlem in the late fifties he had within him a burning desire for learning jazz. After studying the music of John Coltrane, he expanded his horizons and delved into all aspects of music to develop his own unique style. Over the years, he has become a very influential player. Pat has led an extraordinary life of great tragedy and the joys of overcomi... »

Avi Bortnick

Avi Bortnick Interview

Young Avi Bortnick is John Scofield?s rhythm guitarist. Though he is quite happy to be playing rhythm guitar for a jazz superstar, he wants to broaden his horizons. In an attempt to do so, he has just recorded his first solo effort, Clean Slate. Clean Slate is a jazz and funk affair that has a lot of people buzzing. Ari talked about his new direction with Abstract Logix.   AL: How did it all ... »

David Fiuczynski

The Fuze Speaks

Guitarist David ‘Fuze’ Fiuczynski music lands with a Lunar Crush. Never mind that that album is still being talked about years later. Fiuczynski is still shredding. His latest release, Kif, is yet another groundbreaking effort. This time out Dave merges his unique jazz-rock-punk output with the sounds of North Africa. David took some time from his busy schedule at Berklee College of Mu... »

Alex Skolnick

Alex Skolnick Interview

Alex Skolnick’s claim to fame has been as the guitarist for the metal band Testament. But recently, he has turned direction sharply. He has a new highly praised jazz oriented trio record out. Soon he will be touring with another metal man, Chris Poland, who has also reformed himself. Next we will be hearing that George Benson is going metal- just to balance the scales. Abstract Logix recentl... »

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