Month: April 2004

Ray Gomez

Ray Gomez Interview

Ray Gomez has made his mark on guitar. He has appeared on such landmark records as Stanley Clarke’s School Days to Aretha Franklin’s Who’s Zoomin’ Who? His only solo recording to date is the hard to find Volume. Easier to find will be his new release. AL: You were supposed to release Honor about a year ago. What has happened? RG: First of all, the way Columbia records handl... »

Frank Gambale

Frank Gambale Interview

One of the foremost guitar players in the world today, Aussie Frank Gambale has amazed fans around the planet with his adventurous creativity. Already the chief developer of the SWEEPING TECHNIQUE, his much talked about new tuning invention will enable guitar players to play piano type chords on the six-string and play four chromatic notes simultaneously, thereby offering a much richer sound. We s... »

John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin: Interview

To these 50-year-old ears that have experienced a lifetime of total immersion in all possible facets of guitar playing, John McLaughlin stands as the peerless Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of plectorists. His groundbreaking work with Miles Davis alone (on such important recordings as 1969’s In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew or 1970’s Jack Johnson and Live/Evil) would qualify him for m... »

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