Month: December 2004

Percy Jones

New Percy Jones interview

Percy Jones is (undoubtedly) a bass virtuoso, a monster musician with an original sound. He has defined a vocabulary for the fretless bass which few others have the ability, let alone the mindset, to implement.   Here are some excerpts from a recent and very candid interview, which can be read in it’s entirety at: www.percyjones.net MJM: I’m kind of curious about the first basses ... »

Richard Hart Quartet

Richard Hart Quartet

RICHARD HART QUARTET Fearless Shores Schepora IRL Records By Butch Berman – Berman Music Foundation I’m still trying to connect what alerted a Kathleen Hutson to send the Berman Music Foundation a promo package containing this CD, which—from among countless others—was picked to review. I knew none of the cats in the group, but the cover was beautiful…who knows? Nevertheless, this 30-minute e... »

Shankar and Gingerr

Shankar and Gingger

In 2004, Shankar & Gingger composed, produced and performed vocals and double violins on Mel Gibson’s The Passion Of The Christ, along with composers Jack Lenz and John Debney. Their voices and violins can be heard throughout the movie providing the haunting melodies and sounds that are unmistakably theirs. They also composed chants which they performed with Mel Gibson. After their extre... »

Jeff Babko

Jeff Babko Interview

From supporting James Taylor to entertaining television audiences on ABC?s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jeff Babko has, at his young age, already had a varied musical career.   Talk to almost any musician out of Los Angeles, and they rant and rave about Jeff. Rightfully so, because he is one most promising keyboardists out there. A musical collaborator with Mike Landau, Simon Phillips, Jeff Richman amo... »

Bill Bruford

Bill Bruford Interview

Mention the name Bill Bruford to nearly any Prog-Rock, Fusion or Contemporary Jazz aficionado, let alone most drummers, and what you?ll likely encounter is sense of veneration bordering upon reverence. For nearly four decades, Bill Bruford has been coursing his own way in modern music, across a host of varying genres, all the while forwarding his one-of-a- kind approach in each. Both as a drummer ... »

Barry Cleveland

Barry Cleveland Interview

Many musicians likely envy Barry Cleveland. He’s a renowned guitarist and composer with four solo CDs to his credit. He’s also an editor at Guitar Player magazine, a post that’s seen him jet across the United States to hang out with the likes of Jeff Beck, Adrian Belew, Eric Clapton and Ry Cooder. In addition, he’s the author of Creative Music Production: Joe Meek’s Bold Techniques, the definitive... »

Girls Don't Like Real Jazz: A Jazz Patriot Speaks Out

GIRLS DON’T LIKE REAL JAZZ – A Jazz Patriot Speaks Out by Walter Kolosky

Books about Jazz tend to be either encyclopedic lists, biographies of one of the great exponents of the art or histories of particular events in one of the many strands of style clustered under this one word. You probably wouldn’t read them unless you were a musician yourself or doing educational research. Thankfully none of the above applies to this delightful read, being a collection of sh... »

Matthew Von Doran

Matthew Von Doran

Guitarist Matthew Von Doran has assembled a talent cast of players on this tastefully creative, not to mention artfully packaged album. Featured are such renowned instrumentalists as drummers Peter Erskine and Terri Lynne Carrington, saxophone icon Bob Mintzer, and bassist Jimmy Haslip, who also produced the album. With company like that, one would rightly expect that Von Doran would be a guitaris... »

Rob Levit - Uncertain Path

Rob Levit – Uncertain Path

Here, one of the standard jazz trio formats receives an innovative breath of refreshing air. Guitarist Rob Levit and his fellow creative confidants, drummer Frank Russo and upright bassist Amy Shook, explore 10 original compositions by Levit with a cover each by Sting, Bob Marley and Wayne Shorter. From the opening track, Singularity, one can immediately discern this ensemble isnt like most USA-ba... »

Clara Ponty - Mirror of Truth

Clara Ponty – Mirror of Truth

You guessed it, the well-noted violin master Jean-Luc Ponty has a daughter. A very beautiful and gifted one at that. Displaying Jazz, Classical and even New Age influences, Clara Ponty has created a compelling debut album that reflects this young woman’s natural gracefulness as well as her musical attributes, both as a pianist and composer of considerable talent. Like Anoushka Shankar, Nora ... »

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