Month: May 2005

Reality Dysfunction

Reality Dysfunction

Jan-Mikael’s EARS: Review: LinearSphere: ‘Reality Dysfunction’ Email: Erakare@netscape.net Examination: What is it? The band’s website touts the arrival of ‘a group of open-minded musicians and music-lovers’…who purport to demonstrate influences including ‘metal, jazz, fusion and funk…progressive music in the true sense of the word.’ ‘Dark lyrical themes…supported by…an unorthodox appr... »


Whoopgnash-Unclear Channel

Today, what is called “fusion��? is often really either heavy instrumental “shred��? rock with little or no jazz influence, or it’s new-age sleep-inducing fuzak. For those who long for fusion that fits the classic definition — a seamless blend of the energy and “loudness��? of rock with the complexity, dexterity and improvisational spirit of jazz — Whoopgnash delivers. While Whoopgnash... »


Whoopgnash DVD

My review of Whoopgnash’s Whoopgnash – Live In The Studio (Unclear Channel) [DVD] To my udder surprise I was listening to a group of musicians emulating the style of Allan Holdsworth’s music today. They are extremely good at it too! The group is called Whoopgnash!!! The guitar player John Erickson is an Incredible Guitarist, he doesn’t use chord theory to the extent of Alla... »

Sylvain Luc 'Trio Sud'

Sylvain Luc ‘Trio Sud’

Jan-Mikael’s EARS (Evaluation, Analysis, Rating, Summary): review Sylvain Luc ‘Trio Sud’ email: erakare@netscape.net Evaluation: ‘Trio Sud’, led by guitarist Sylvain Luc and featuring upright bassist Andre Ceccarelli and drummer Jean-Marc Jafet, offers a refreshing take on the classic guitar trio format, introducing lush arrangements of traditional folk tunes, lesser-worked compositions by eminent... »

'What Goes Around' Dave Holland Big Band

‘What Goes Around’ Dave Holland Big Band

Jan-Mikael’s EARS (Evaluation, Analysis, Rating, Summary): ‘What Goes Around’ Dave Holland Big Band Evaluation: Big band. The term evokes two images for me; the first, the middle-aged, less-than-svelt, tuxedoed menagerie favored by the likes of Mel Torme; the second, the no less respectably dressed but far cooler and incendiary bands of the forties and beyond. The Dave Holland Big Band... »

Debashish Bhattacharya

Debashish Bhattacharya- Beyond Boundaries

Indian Raga Music thrives on improvisation. No two performances by the same musician produce the same result. For a musician with substance, therefore, the sky is the limit. His improvisations within the framework of a Raga or within the limitations of the instrument he plays become a novel experience for himself as well as his listeners. Some go beyond and open new horizons in the field of their ... »


Tony Grey – Moving

This, the 1st recording of a bassist Tony Grey demonstrates the fantastic progress he has made since I heard him play for the first time just a few years ago. Listen to the opening of the 2nd piece ‘Dil Chahata Hai on unaccompanied Bass: this, and his fluidity on his instrument throughout the recording is really something. From the start we see a musician at the beginning of a blossoming car... »

Jennifer Batten speaks to Chris Juergensen

Jennifer Batten speaks to Chris Juergensen

There are very few musicians who have the double ability to play and record for other people and still manage to maintain their own voice and personality on their instruments. Jennifer Batten is one of the few. Between working for Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck amongst others she has recorded two very unique and passionate solo CDs and is in the process of recording her third, which will be release... »

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