Month: June 2005

Cynic's 'Focus'

Cynic’s ‘Focus’

Jan-Mikael’s EARS: review Cynic’s ‘Focus’ (expanded version) email: erakare@netscape.net Evaluation What is it? 1993. The year Focus was released saw the rise of a current of musical apoplexy and myopia, a wave of anti-guitar heroes, and a tidal surge of placebo-pop. Dream Theater’s ‘Images and Words’ had just been released, as had Damn the Machine’s eponymous debut (and swansong). Progressive met... »

John McLaughlin's 'Thieves and Poets'

John McLaughlin’s ‘Thieves and Poets’

Jan-Mikael’s EARS: review: John McLaughlin’s ‘Thieves and Poets’ Evaluation: What is it? ‘Thieves and Poets’ is the continuation of guitarist John McLaughlin’s forays into orchestral writing and performance…this is McLaughlin’s second major commissioned work. Orchestrated by one of McLaughlin’s former students, Yan Maresz, ‘Thieves…’ is presented in three movements, each section representing a per... »

Matt Jordan Featuring Kelli Sae

Matt Jordan Featuring Kelli Sae

Review from Jeff Golub, award winning jazz guitarist: “SMOOTH JAZZ, WITH FUNK & LATIN INFLUENCES, BLENDED WITH SULTRY R&B VOCALS AND INSPIRED IMPROVISATION. CHECK IT OUT!��? Listen to the mellow trumpet / fluglehorn playing of, Matt Jordan, blended with the sultry voice of KELLI SAE. Kelli has made a name for herself with well known recording artists including COUNT BASIC, INCOGNITO, &... »

Wayne Shorter

Wayne Shorter Interview

He is a living legend swathed in mystique and an omnipresent cheshire cat grin. He speaks in odd, elliptical analogies and similies. And he has a decided penchant toward science fiction while peppering his conversation with references to classic movies from Hollywood’s Golden Era. It’s why his Newark, New Jersey schoolmates coined the phrase “as weird as Wayne to describe the young Wayne Shorter. ... »

Bill Connors

Bill Connors Interview: Forever Returning

Enigmatic jazz guitarist Bill Connors has once again resurfaced from his somewhat self-imposed recording hiatus. Throughout his career, each time he’s re-emerged from relative obscurity, Connors has surprised listeners by moving into new directions during the years he wasn’t recording. Three decades ago (has it really been that long?) Connors emerged as a wunderkindt guitarist when Chick Corea lau... »


David Hines- Nebula

Boston-based bassist-composer David Hines makes an impressive debut with Nebula, a hard-hitting retro-’70s styled offering that harkens back to fusion’s golden era. A no-holds-barred player’s project with an emphasis on intelligent, harmonically challenging compositions and virtuosic, over-the-top solos, Nebula is chockfull of things that hardcore fusion fans adore — tons of blazing unison l... »

Separate Worlds

Nima Rezai/Merge – Separate Worlds

Where some might describe progressive metal as an all out assault on the senses, in contrast Separate Worlds flows over you like a warm breeze off the desert, soothing and invigorating. On the surface it has a distinctive jazz feel, but without the typical jazz song structures. Filled with unusual time signatures, and an inventive application of shythm and harmony, it is akin to progressive rock, ... »

Paul Jackson's Funk On A Stick

Paul Jackson’s Funk On A Stick is reviewed

Paul Jackson: Fubk On A Stick Paul Jackson Funk On A Stick Backdoor Records BD1041 Paul Jackson on bass, vocals and keyboards featuring various artists including Tony Adamo on vocals, James Levi on drums As a member of the Headhunters, Paul Jackson was instrumental in the development of Jazz-fusion along with bandmate, Herbie Hancock. This CD pushes the envelope even further with a foray into hard... »

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