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Separate Worlds

Nima & Merge Separate Worlds review by Ron Fuchs

I had the pleasure to catch the tale end of Nima & Merge’s set at a local Southern California jazz club in Orange County called Steamers, earlier this year. After I got home that night I quickly emailed the band to express my delight for their music. I was told by Nima that once their new album was released, he’d send me a copy. That album is their second studio release entitled, Separate Worl... »

Separate Worlds

Nima & Merge Separate Worlds review

NIMA & MERGE Separate Worlds by Brian Pate (Garion) 8/12/2005 Once in a while a group comes along and demands your attention. Nima and Merge is that group for me this year. I actually saw the band play before I heard any of their CDs and have been blown away with everything they do. I love the other two CDs but this one completely blows the other two away. The Nima and Merge experience has to ... »

Separate Worlds

Separate Worlds

This new quartet truly merges many musical elements: Middle Eastern melodies, harmonies and rhythms, and Western fusion and progressive rock arrangements, and even some Latin and Celtic themes. Stickist Nima Rezai’s compositions explore all of these influences and his playing recalls traditional instruments from these genres, while paying homage to his teacher, Bob Culbertson, whose playing ... »

Separate Worlds

Nima & Merge Separate Worlds

On Separate Worlds, Stick player-composer Nima Rezai leads a talented crew of San Francisco musicians through a compelling hybrid of world music rhythms and motifs with driving, tightly crafted instrumentals that draw from the spirit of ‘70s progressive rock and early fusion music. Think Yes meets Mahavishnu somewhere in the Middle East. This amalgam of styles is most effectively realized on the e... »

Judy Lewis - No Expectations

Judy Lewis – No Expectations

Fourth album by Jazz Rocker pianist Judy Lewis.Judy has been called a refreshing new voice in Jazz by Margen Magazine, Spain and No clone of anybody else by the Guardian UK.This exciting Prog-Jazz album contains original tracks and a wild cover of the jazz standard Yesterdays.Visit www.judylewisgroup.com “Lewis is an intense, probing pianist and this album is a gem!��? Stuart Nicholson/ Jazzwise U... »

Separate Worlds

Nima Rezai/Merge- Separate Worlds

“Separate Worlds��? CD – Nima and Merge Review By Lorraine Kay One of the most creative groups to come out of Southern California in recent years is a jazz fusion/world music, and progressive rock group called Nima and Merge, formally known simply as Merge. Their newest CD release “Separate Worlds��? is a kaleidoscope of musical colors, enough to satisfy nearly every palette. Headed up by Ni... »

Under The Sun 'Schematism'

Under The Sun ‘Schematism’

Jan-Mikael’s EARS: Review: Under The Sun ‘ Schematism’ Evaluation: What is it? Recorded live in one take during NEARfest (North East Art Rock Festival), this recording is heralded as a ‘live on stage experience’, meaning that the show was recorded, and is to be perceived, from the band’s vantage point. Lustrous packaging provides snapshots of the band on stage and ‘producer’s’ liner notes document... »

Nima Rezai


SV: Thank you for doing the interview, Nima. Before we move onto your latest work “Separate Worlds I’d like to talk about your past. Do you remember how you first got into music? Nima: Yes. I started playing flute in band when I was 11 after being made fun of by all the guys for playing flute, I switched to the sax. You know… kids and pressure. No offense to the flute. I still love it!... »

Tetsuo Sakurai - Gentle Hearts Tour 2004 DVD

Tetsuo Sakurai – Gentle Hearts Tour 2004 DVD

In 2001, Japanese bassist Tetsuo Sakurai released an awesome hard-hitting fusion album called Gentle Hearts. This great album featured Greg Howe on guitar and Dennis Chambers on drums. The trio did a tour last year with Akira Onozuka on keys, the result of which is this great live DVD Gentle Hearts Tour 2004 (they released a CD version as well which has some, but not all, of the tunes from the DVD... »

Dixie Dregs 1978 Montreux Jazz Festival DVD

Dixie Dregs 1978 Montreux Jazz Festival DVD

Steve Morse’s solo on The Bash from the Dixie Dregs album Night of the Living Dregs is one of those landmark solo’s in guitar history. Now for the first time, we can finally watch him play this classic solo. That could be my whole review right there, and the dyed-in-the-wool Dregs fans would be sold already. But there is much more to be had here. Read on… The main feature on this... »

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