Month: September 2005

Gary Husband's Force Majeure

Gary Husband’s Force Majeure

Personnel: Gary Husband – Drums, Piano, Composer Jerry Goodman – Violin Randy Brecker – Trumpet Elliot Mason – Trombone, Bass Trumpet Matt Garrison – Bass Jim Beard – Keyboards, Piano Arto Tuncboyaciyan – Percussion, Voice Disc-1 Evocations: – Of Burt Bacharach – Of Bjork – Of John McLaughlin Disc-2 Stone Souls: – Wings Over City Square – Tectonics – Final Curta... »


Find the Way

From the opening song entitled The Vine, Brian Baggett and DOJO immediately captivated me. With the use of an acoustic guitar and some Methenyesque coloring for the background, the melody created a perfectly painted picture of midwestern charm. The Vine is an excellent example of an easy-flowing groove that keeps you on your toes, with soulful soloing and comping. The second song entitled Bad Song... »

Short Cuts

Short Cuts

Kamran Mobasser- SpiderWeb Music Ahmad Mansour’s latest Album Short Cuts, arguably his best to date, showcases a creative and original musician with the technical and conceptual maturity to successfully express a highly personal style. The musical dialogue with his long time musical partner bassist Terje Gewelt and outstanding drummer Eric Smith yields an organic, richly textured and foot-ta... »

Gary Husband

A Force Majeure: Gary Husband Interview

  Gary Husband’s conception ‘Force Majeure’ represents both a stylistic and compositional departure from the terra firma of traditional British jazz sensibilities. Graced by the commissioning hand of the Contemporary Music Network, mainstream critics were able to identify the considerable fusion of qualities and fine musical lineage offered by each band member in the ensemble during their 200... »

‘Against The Clock'

Allan Holdsworth – ‘Against The Clock’

It was fall of 1975. I awoke early one Saturday morning and was about to head toward the bathroom. The radio was on; and although I was semi-conscious the tune that was playing grabbed my attention. And it was kickin’!! An electric piano was soloing, and the drummer sounded familiar; but I knew I hadn’t heard the tune before. Then the guitar player took a solo: and that cat started playin’ some un... »

Bela Fleck

Bela Fleck Interview

The year was 1991. I happened to be at Virginia Beach visiting some friends and accidently came across a group of musicians performing a fusion of bluegrass, jazz on the beach. Wow, I said to myself, what a treat. These guys were just incredible, and the musical arrangements were fresh and innovative. I went closer to the small stage and found out who they were. The front man was Bela Fleck and he... »

Vernon Neilly

An Interview with Vernon Neilly

I recently had a chance to talk with my friend Vernon Neilly and ask him a few questions about his G-Fire projects, some of the legends he has worked with and his take on the music business. – Chris Juergensen, Recording artist and Director of Education at Tokyo School of Music. CJ: You have worked with some of the best in the business, names like Johnny Guitar Watson, “Charles Brown and Motown hi... »

Project Z – Lincoln Memorial

Project Z – Lincoln Memorial

Personnel: Jimmy Herring – Guitar Jeff Sipe (aka Apt Q-258) – Drums Greg Osby – Saxophone Ricky Keller – Bass Jason Crosby – Keyboards Tracks: 1. Departure 2. Miso Soup 3. Stale Salt Lugs 4. Freener Frolic 5. You Do 6. Sister Barbie 7. Slaif 8. Sad Sack 9. ‘Ol Bugaboo 10. Zamb Fear 11. Microburst 12. Lincoln Memorial 13. Arrival When I started playing guitar in ... »

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