Month: October 2005

Susan Weinert "running out of time"

Susan Weinert “running out of time”

Songs: 1) see eleven 2) change 3) when the water bows 4) running out of time 5) darkness 6) what a night 7) they only come out at night 8) sooner 9) weather 10) just do it Personnel: Susan Weinert: guitar, VG-8, keys Martin Weinert: bass Hardy Fischötter: drums Francesco Cottone: vocals All compositions and arrangements: Susan Weinert All Lyrics: Francesco Cottone ©2004 Tough Tone Records TTR 2302... »

Project Z – Lincoln Memorial

Jimmy Herring/Project Z – Lincoln Memorial

Bill Bruford once told me in an interview during his last tour with Yes (for the album Union) that chamber or group free improvisation has been a tradition and joy among classically trained European musicians, and that formally scheduled open jam sessions were widely in practice during the time of J.S. Bach and likely long before. As jazz and rock forms in music derived from a blending of European... »

OHM's 'Amino Acid Flashback'

OHM’s ‘Amino Acid Flashback’

Jan-Mikael’s EARS: review: OHM’s ‘Amino Acid Flashback’ Evaluation: OHM’s music is often described as fusion, and in the same sentence is often attached to Chris Poland’s previous work with metal pioneers Megadeth. Neither of these stratifications fully encapsulates the essence of what OHM is… Analysis: Poland is a singularly inventive guitarist. His technique never fails to impress, and his... »

Project Z – Lincoln Memorial

Project Z’s ‘Lincoln Memorial’

Jan-Mikael’s EARS: review: Project Z’s ‘Lincoln Memorial’ Evaluation: Not much could be said about ‘Lincoln Memorial’ that Bill Milkowski didn’t already tender as gospel in his superlative-laden liner notes. I genuflect shamelessly to his painstaking dedication to minutia, and acquiesce to the verisimilitude bestowed by Mr Milkowski in his beautification of the sophomore effort of Project Z. Reall... »

Tasa - Urban Music

Tasa – Urban Music

This first-rate Canadian world music ensemble strives for Indian authenticity as it strides into some new and exciting musical territory with its third CD. Combining the sounds of Indian tabla, sarangi, sarod and bansuri with American electric guitars, saxophone and drumset, Tasa has arrived at a fresh, post-Shakti hybrid of East meets West that recalls saxophonist George Brooks’s Indian fus... »

Allan Holdsworth

A Conversation with Allan Holdsworth

Considered by his legion of rabid fans worldwide to be the greatest guitarist on the planet, Allan Holdsworth is also highly regarded as a major innovator by a wide variety of six-string heroes from Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani and Carlos Santana to John Scofield, John McLaughlin and Kurt Rosenwinkel. In a recent interview, the up-and-coming jazz guitar star Rosenwinkel paid this tribute to the 5... »


Dean De Benidictis Reviews Whoopgnash

REVIEW OF THE UNCLEAR CHANNEL DVD I’ve seen this ensemble develop from its earliest stages. More then anything during that time, and as a friend of the band, I basically thought of Whoopgnash as a freakspilling-plasterjam-warpspeed-Allan Holdsworth type-protege garage band. This to me was the best and rarest kind of protege garage band, the kind you could always have fun with as an experienc... »

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