Month: November 2005

Garaj Mahal - Blueberry Cave

and the winner is Garaj Mahal “Blueberry Cave”

and the winner is: Garaj Mahal “Blueberry Cave��? Blueberry Cave Songs: The Shadow (Eckhardt) Alvin* (Hertz) Blueberry Cave (Levy) ‘Spect Rap (Eckhardt) NO ‘Spect** (Haque/Hertz) Massive (Hertz) Cosmic Elevator*** (Eckhardt) Paladin (Levy) Bicycling in Bombay* (Garaj Mahal) Celtic Indian (Hertz) Personnel: Kai Eckhardt: Bass Fareed Haque: Guitars Eric Levy: Keyboards Alan Hertz: Drums Guests: *DJ ... »

Adam Holzman and Brave New World

Adam Holzman releases another Hall of Fame recording

Adam Holzman and Brave New World Jazz Rocket Science Songs: 1) Superhero (6:05) 2) Life on Mars (5:54) 3) The Telltale Heart (5:11) 4) The Whole World is Everywhere (3:44) 5) Firewire (5:21) 6) Level 3 Intro: Airlock (1:14) 7) Level 3 Containment Suit (4:06) 8 ) Maria Rain (6:26) 9) Kadiddle Hopper (5:43) 10) Kryptonite (for Herbie) (7:02) 11) Miles Runs the Voodoo Down (4:33) Personnel: Adam Holz... »

Supersilent - 7 (Rune Grammofon)

Supersilent – 7 (Rune Grammofon)

Supersilent are a Norweigian quartet comprising a keyboardist, drummer, trumpeter and an audio virus i.e. electronics manipulator. Their music has been humourously described as death jazz with references to 70s electric jazz (Miles, Terje Rypdal), progressive (Popol Vuh, King Crimson)as well as electronic composition (Stockhausen. Musically, this band occupies an interesting space between rock and... »

Garaj Mahal - Blueberry Cave

Garaj Mahal – Blueberry Cave

Personnel: Kai Eckhardt – Bass, vocals Fareed Haque – Guitars, sitar guitar Alan Hertz – Drums Eric Levy – KeyboardsWith guests: DJ Fly Agaric; Tasha Levine; Shanan EdelheitTracks: 1. The Shadow 2. Alvin 3. Blueberry Cave 4. ’Spect Rap 5. NO ’Spect 6. Massive 7. Cosmic Elevator 8. Paladin 9. Bicycling in Bombay 10. Celtic Indian As much as we love music, there are times whe... »

Larry Coryell, Victor Bailey, Lenny White Trio

Larry Coryell, Victor Bailey, Lenny White Trio – Electric (almost live)

Personnel: Larry Coryell – Guitar Victor Bailey – Bass Lenny White – Drums That lineup conjures musical magic in the minds of Jazz Rock fans, and rightfully so. Larry Coryell was a true Jazz Rock pioneer and arguably inventor as well. Lenny White the legendary drummer in Return to Forever and on the groundbreaking Miles Davis Bitches Brew recordings, is a monster often overlooked by fans in favor ... »

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