Month: January 2006

Nima Rezai

review from Progressor.net

Prolusion. MERGE was formed some a decade ago and is the brainchild of Nima Rezai, a Persian musician and composer living in the USA. The band’s discography is comprised of three releases to date: Merge (1998), Live in London (2004) and Separate Worlds (2005, coming as Nima & Merge), the second studio album to be viewed here. Analysis. Separate Worlds is a mind-blowing album, an absolute... »

Separate Worlds

Nima Rezai

SEPARATE WORLDS—Music Unifier Records. Web: mergemusic.com. Fire Eyes; Road to Hana; Moon Struck; Driven; Once Loved; Never More; Kurdish Dance; Masaek; Reng; Ittf; To Be Free. PERSONNEL: Nima Rezai, stick, stick synths, ashbury bass; Dan Heflin, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone; Brad Ranola, drums, percussion; Randy Graves, didjeridu, guitar, clapsticks; Masaru Koga, flute, alto flute; Ali Shay... »

Ben Monder

Ben Monder Interview

At this time of year, critics and fans alike take pause to contemplate the evolution, or some would argue, the devolution, of modern music. By any account, modern jazz guitar styles keep progressing forward at a robust clip, and no guitarist so pushed them forward in 2005 as Ben Monder. Oceanawas not only 2005’s finest release by a jazz guitarist, but its most forward-thinking (and executed) jazz ... »

Tomorrow’s Too Late

B. D. Lenz – Tomorrow’s Too Late

Personnel: B. D. Lenz – electric & acoustic guitars Bill Mobley – trumpet Geoff Mattoon – sax & wind controller James Rosocha – electric bass Dave Edwards – upright bass Tom Cottone – drums Brendan Buckley – drums Joe Mekler – percussions Daniel Mintseris – piano & organ Heather Bennett – piano Mark Rufino – programming Special Guests: Randy Brecker – trumpet Mark Egan – electric bass ... »

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