Month: August 2006

Paul Gilbert - Get Out Of My Yard

Paul Gilbert – Get Out Of My Yard

Guitar geeks like myself have been longing for an instrumental album from Paul Gilbert for a long time. He’s recorded instrumentals before; on Racer X albums, his solo albums, and some side projects. But he’s finally released a full length, all-instrumental guitar album, and it’s well worth the wait. Get Out Of My Yard features a diverse set of songs. I expected most of the songs... »

Jonas Hellborg

Jonas Hellborg – Abstract Logic (Remastered)

Depending on who you ask, Shawn Lane was arguably the greatest guitar player who ever lived. I first heard Shawn on the 1991 MVP – Centrifugal Funk album, then through bootleg tapes I acquired while a student at GIT in 1992. He floored me completely. In my opinion, his chops and musicality remain unparalleled to this day (sadly, Lane passed away in 2003). Lane’s first solo album, Power... »

"Mystic Kiss" by Fontain's M.U.S.E.

“Mystic Kiss” by Fontain’s M.U.S.E.

Fontain’s M.U.S.E. is comprised largely by instumentalist and vocalist Fontain Riddle along with beat and groove producer Farhan Khan. Khan’s unique sitar style creates a perfect balance between East and West for Fontain’s M.U.S.E. His intense jazz grooves, and instrumentation trully captivates the listener. He is a sitar student of the internationally famous Habib Khan and is a gradua... »

Pots & Pans

Billy Kilson – better add him to the list of best drummers

Billy Kilson’s BK Groove “POTS & PANS” (2006) Personnel: Billy Kilson – Drums George Colligan – Keyboards Kenny Davis – Bass Mike Sim – Saxophone Songs: Groovements (Tracks 1-4) 1) Call 2) Premier Jour 3) a Camelot 4) Prelude (Fuyu Hanabi) 5) Fuyu Hanabi (Inspired by Weather Report, the Jaco Years) 6) Rabbit Kat 7) Bibo No Aozora (Composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto) 8) Guardian Soul 9) Aye (forever ... »

Al Garcia: Alternate Realities

Al Garcia: Alternate Realities Proggnosis Review

This is the second cd I have had the pleasure of reviewing by Al Garcia, and trust me when I say, that Al Garcia needs to be heard by todays hardcore fusion fans, Al is a very proficient musician both as a bassist and guitarist, yet most notable of his talents are his innate imaginative compositions, which demand technical excellence, which are delivered not only by Al Garcia, but a supporting cas... »

Al Garcia: Alternate Realities

Al Garcia: Alternate Realities JazzReview.com Review

Al Garcia has long been at the front in mixing various intricate jazz styles for guitar performance. His original compositions reflect his innate ability to create unusual jazz motifs for a contemporary jazz setting. There are nine songs on this fine CD. The songs include Alternate Realities, Turning Point, The Red Queen’s Race, Secret Correspondences, Materia Prima, Three of a Kind, The Ple... »

Al Garcia: Alternate Realities

Al Garcia: Alternate Realities SeaOfTranquility.com Review

Taking influences from guitarist Allan Holdsworth and bassist Jack Bruce — not to mention artists as disparate as Charlie Parker and Yes — California-based multi-instrumentalist Al Garcia has recorded a second album of progressive, jazz and space rock sprinkled with bursts of electronic, Latin and cinematic music. It’s really almost too much to digest, but Garcia brilliantly paces the (almost) all... »

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