Month: September 2006

David Wright

Dajinosaurus, Fans of Allan Holdsworth and Bill Connors will love this cd.

Dajinosaurus, the debut album by guitarist David Wright. Fans of Allan Holdsworth and Bill Connors will love this cd. David is accompanied by Nob Kinukawa on bass and Jim Bove on drums. There are nineteen songs on this fine CD. The picks include Falls Dance, Early Phrase, Tears For Friends, GC, Chess, Bedtime Bridges, and This Two This Two. Each song in this eclectic collection is sure to please t... »

Jeff “Jahloon” Berg

Interview with Village of the Unfretted, Jahloon

Jeff “Jahloon” Berg is an accomplished guitarist from Liverpool and is the creator of unfretted.com, which is the most comprehensive and leading resource for everything you want to know about fretless guitars and talented musicians. He studied with Bill Sullivan, a well-known guitar and banjo player from Litherland, and performed many gigs all over Liverpool. After nearly driving into a tree while... »

Al Garcia: Alternate Realities

Al Garcia: Alternate Realities (Prognaut.com Review)

Alternate Realities is my first exposure to the music of Al Garcia, and his second release. I haven’t had the pleasure of listening to his debut but I can tell you that Al Garcia is going to be a household name within the fusion genre. He is one of the more proficient multi-instrumentalists I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. Al Garcia also has musicians to help flesh out his instrumental compositio... »

Gary Husband - A Meeting of Spirits

Gary Husband – A Meeting of Spirits

Gary Husband is no ordinary musician. An amazing drummer (Allan Holdsworth, Steve Topping, Level 42), his virtuosic approach to piano can be heard in double DVD Release Force Majeure as well as his last solo piano record, The Things I See ( A tribute to the music of Allan Holdsworth). Gary pays his tribute to John in an adventurous approach as all the solos on this recording has been done at first... »

Ed DeGenaro

Interview with Village Of The Unfretted Ed DeGenaro

Edward DeGenaro is a fusion guitarist whose unique mix of bebop and metal sounds, along with a whole lot of the DeGenaro personality, collectively called the “Nude Guitars” sound, has been compared to the likes of Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, and Steve Vai. Ed’s journey in music began in Germany, where he was born and raised. At an early age, he studied cello but quickly picked up the guitar as... »

Michael ATONAL Vick

Michael ATONAL Vick aka VVV

Michael Lloyd Vick, aka Michael ATONAL Vick, is an artist, a multi-instrumentalist, a promoter, a music instructor, and, as Guitar Player magazine dubbed him recently, the Ringleader behind the Fretless Guitar Festival. In Asian circles, he is also known as VVV, often with Free-Bananas. He is an accomplished musician on both fretless and fretted guitar and bass, among many instruments in his music... »

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