Month: October 2006

Barry Richman

Guitarist Barry Richman Interview

…a lyrical, melodic player with instrumental virtuosity Kevin Oliver, Columbia Free Times …a player of this caliber could easily break into the national spotlight at any given moment. Mike Childree, Charleston Free Times A hot player whose music I highly recommend Eric Johnson Lest you don’t know who guitarist/composer Barry Richman is, read that last quote again and especially note wh... »

Mark Egan

Bassist Mark Egan Interview

One of the premier electric bassists of contemporary jazz, Mark Egan has distinguished himself as an in-demand session player, valued sideman and respected leader in his own right. His distinctive fretless bass sound has graced countless jazz and pop albums as well as award winning movie and television soundtracks . A charter member of the Pat Metheny Group, he has played on multi platinum-selling... »

David Wright

This trio undertaking should rouse some interest for hardcore jazz-fusion aficionados

This trio undertaking should rouse some interest for hardcore jazz-fusion aficionados. Guitarist David Wright’s debut is a sprightly one. Indeed, fans of Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth and other guitar elitists should take note. Wright has absorbed the genre credibly, evidenced by these nineteen workouts. With in-the-pocket grooves, shifts in tempo and numerous improvisational jaunts, the trio perfor... »

Al Garcia: Alternate Realities

Al Garcia: Alternate Realities (Dutch Progressive Page Review)

And again! What? An album arrives out of the blue from a guy (or band) I’ve never heard of before, and one I really should have heard of. Al Garcia is the latest in this trend. Now I have to say that reading some of the comments about Al’s playing prior to listening to the album I was somewhat sceptical. A guy who plays guitar like Allan Holdsworth and bass like Jeff Berlin, surely thi... »

Scott Kinsey - Kinesthetics

Scott Kinsey – Kinesthetics

Scott Kinsey – Kinesthetics, Label: Abstract Logix Musicians: Kinesthetics features a stellar cast of Scott Kinsey on keyboards along with Scott Henderson (guitar), Michael Landau (guitar), Jinshi Ozaki (acoustic guitar), Steve Tavaglione (sax), Kirk Covington (drums), Cyril Atef (drums, perc, vox), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Gary Willis (bass), Abraham Laboriel Sr. (bass), Armand Sabal-Lecco (bass)... »

Nguyen Le

Guitarist Nguyen Le Interview

One of the world’s foremost and incomparable World Jazz Guitarists/Composers/Producers Nguyên Lê was kind enough to respond to AL’s questions in between sessions of his Homescape album to discuss his latest, illustrious ensemble project, Walking on the Tiger’s Tail . Abstract Logix: Did having a brush with cancer affect your thinking about your music or life any differently? I know in part that’s ... »

Anton Schwartz' 'Radiant Blue'

Anton Schwartz’ ‘Radiant Blue’

Jan-Mikael’s EARS: review: Anton Schwartz’ ’Radiant Blue’ Evaluation: My first impression upon getting this disc was that it was another in a loooong line of no-doubt-talented but ultimately faceless jazz ensembles paying tribute to what truly has become a hackneyed genre: the ‘blues’… Analysis: What I found instead reinforced the notion that marketing is everything. More on that later. This is gr... »

Heernt ’Locked In a Basement’

Heernt ’Locked In a Basement’

Jan-Mikael’s EARS: review: Heernt’s ’Locked In a Basement’ Evaluation: My initial response to this disc was uncertainty. Ostensibly jazz , based on the information contained in the promo kit and the source (Avishai Cohen’s fledgling label ‘Razdaz’), and portending free-jazz, or what can be loosely referred to as ‘skronk’ (sax-based atonality), I was ready for almost anything… Analysis: Hmmm…I was ... »

Avishai Cohen's 'Continuo'

Avishai Cohen’s ‘Continuo’

Jan-Mikael’s EARS: Review: “Continuo by Avishai Cohen Evaluation: A stunning combination of jazz, middle-eastern and world music, tinged with a poignant classicism… Analysis: Bassist Avishai Cohen’s latest disc brims with unbridled, if not slavish, devotion to the pursuit of compositional excellence. Much like Bill Bruford and Ralph Towner’s ‘If Summer Had its Ghosts’ from a few years ago, ‘... »

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