Month: November 2006

John McLaughlin – Industrial Zen

John McLaughlin: Industrial Zen [2006]

Industrial Zen ~ John McLaughlin 2006 So what happens when jazz fusion marinates, absorbs, and is recreated after struggling for air in a wild soup of over three decades of of music evolution? You open the kettle of some warmed-over, bitches brew, and out leaps Industrial Zen by McLaughlin. My first thought upon hearing this CD was celebration! I then heard and felt a rejoicing, a confidence, a th... »

[sic] ~ Alex MacHacek

[sic] ~ Alex MacHacek 2006

[sic] ~ Alex MacHacek 2006 When reviewing a CD, I like to assess each song independently, then collectively — considering the whole impact technically, musically, and conceptually. MacHacek has crafted a precise, polished, and nigh unto obsessively perfected collection of pieces in [sic]. Is the release sterile — like some math-rock outing? No. Is it boring, fusion unison line patterns... »

Rare Blend's "Stops Along The Way"

Guitar Noise

Rare Blend is a very seasoned group from the Cleveland, Ohio area. They are what I would call a jazz/fusion jam band. I have heard a lot of mixed feelings about jam bands but when it sounds good you can’t deny that the players know what they are doing. Especially when they are not held to the standard blues progressions. This CD is fairly high energy. The opening track Illegal Aliens pretty well s... »

Rare Blend's "Stops Along The Way"

Rare Blend’s 2006 CD “Stops Along The Way”

Stops Along The Way is my first experience with Rare Blend and I am quite impressed by what I have heard. I’m not the Fusion specialist, but I would compare the feeling I get listening to Stops Along The Way to the one I got when I discovered Brand X in the late seventies. Some very melodic, sometimes intense music, and once in a while they can really dish it out. The musicians perform at a ... »

Jazz Pistols - Live

Jazz Pistols – Live

After 3 studio albums, the German jazz-fusion trio Jazz Pistols have released their first live recording. Jazz Pistols – live was recorded in Germany on 2/5/05, and it really shows how dynamic this band can be. Jazz Pistols music ranges from lighter jazz fare to heavy fusion, sometimes within the same song. Bassist Christopher Victor Kaiser, a Berklee grad, often uses tapping to add chords a... »

Hectic Watermelon - The Great American Road Trip

Hectic Watermelon – The Great American Road Trip

Personnel: John Czajkowski: Guitars Darren DeBree: Drums and Percussion Harley Magsino: Basses Featuring Jerry Goodman: Electric Violin Tracks: I: The Great American Road Trip 1. Sacred Watershed 2. The Third Derivative of James Brown 3. Bionic Hillbilly 4. F Street Fulano II: Subterranean Suite 5. Dreams of Concrete Jungles 6. Subterranean Rapid Transit 7. Layover in Hamemet 8. Stray Dogs Messagi... »

Viva Carlos!

Viva Carlos!

Jeff Richman does it again. After producing guitar tributes to John Coltrane, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis, and Steely Dan, Richman serves up the music of Carlos Santana for his latest project. Viva Carlos! (Tone Center) is probably the most interesting tribute Richman has produced so far. The rich Latin rhythms give this collection a completely different vibe than the previous tributes. As a... »

The Michael Landau Group

The Michael Landau Group Live (2 CD)

Guitarist Michael Landau has appeared on countless recordings. In addition to being a studio legend, he’s fronted several great bands over the years (such as Burning Water, and the Raging Honkies). He rarely releases solo albums however, so when he does it’s something to take note of. His latest album, The Michael Landau Group Live is a mixture of vocal and instrumental tunes, and prov... »

Steve Weingart- Dark Blue Dream

Steve Weingart- Dark Blue Dream

Dark Blue Dream is sophomore effort from LA Keyboardist Steve Weingart. A former member of the Dave Weckl Band, Steve delivers a solid plate of intelligent compostions played with a style and taste. The album features a rocking cast of Frank Gambale on guitar, Jimmy Earl on Bass (Jeez Does he Smoke !!- ) and Tom Breichtlein on Drums. It is quite interesting to hear Steve backed up Chick Corea band... »

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