Month: March 2007

Doug Johns

Doug Johns: Self Titled

Cleveland bassist Doug Johns has done it. He has found the formula to a great sounding bass recording. The combination of funk and fusion mixed with the Hammond B-3 and horns has created a diverse musical adventure. John’s first solo release has raised the bar for musicians to strive for, and has pushed bass playing to a higher plateau. The disc opens with Pimpasaurus Rex, which features the... »

Colin D'Cruz

Jazz from Goa, India

HP: Tell us something about yourself. CD: I’m a Mumbai goan looking forward to being a Goa goan very soon. I’ve reached two important milestones in my career. One is, after decades of playing everyone elses music i’ve development a style of my own and the biggest compliment I get these days is when someone recognizes my bassplaying on some tune they heard somewhere, they call up ... »

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