Month: April 2007

Allan Holdsworth and Alan Pasqua

Allan Holdsworth and Alan Pasqua

Personnel: Allan Holdsworth: Guitar Alan Pasqua: Keyboards Chad Wackerman: Drums Jimmy Haslip: Bass Tracks: 1. The Fifth 2. Looking Glass
3. Fred 4. It Must Be Jazz 5. Blues for Tony 6. San Michele 7. Pud Wud 8. Protocosmos 9. Red Alert Filmed in high definition at Yoshi’s Jazz & Sushi Club Sept. 29, 2006. Approx. 90 minutes Before I begin, I ask for your indulgence while I restate my gripe/ra... »

Slaughterhouse 3 "S3"

Slaughterhouse 3 “S3”

CD: Slaughterhouse 3 “S3” Musicians: Gary Willis – Bass Llibert Fortuny – Sax/Effects Kirk Covington – Drums Songs: 01. Slaughterhouse 3 [0:04:29.04] 02. Life Story [0:05:49.53] 03. Let’s Go [0:05:16.33] 04. Toxic [0:05:58.69] 05. Booty Duty [0:04:10.12] 06. Another Chance [0:06:00.64] 07. TrapezeNobody’s Friend [0:07:03.16] 08. Stinky [0:05:18.13] 09. Sleep Deprivation [0:02:43.44] 10... »

Kirk Covington

Drummer Kirk Covington Interview

Kirk Covington is one of the most versatile drummers in the world today. His positive and flamboyant energy is infectious and his crowd pleasing personae and vocal ability have been a driving force in the success of seminal electric Jazz Rock outfit Tribal Tech. Kirk Covington was recently in India this January performing as a part of the Scott Kinsey group along with Matthew Garrison on bass and ... »

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