Month: June 2007

Freeway Jam - To Beck And Back

Freeway Jam – To Beck And Back

The latest guitar tribute album from Tone Center Records (part of the Shrapnel Label Group) is an homage to Jeff Beck entitled Freeway Jam – To Beck And Back. The label’s previous guitar-centric tribute albums honored John Coltrane, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis, Steely Dan, and Carlos Santana. As with the previous tribute CDs, producer/arranger Jeff Richman has assembled a fine co... »

Gary Willis - Actual Fiction

Gary Willis – Actual Fiction

The opening notes of this Cd hit me like John McLaughlin’s Industrial Zen, but quickly turned my head around. Industrial Zen and Actual Fiction are both deeply profound statements in the direction of Fusion’s ability to adapt itself to the new Home Studio environment. Actual Fiction by contrast is much more Groove oriented while still maintaining that wild experimental and “fusionist” vision. Gary... »

Scott Henderson - Collection

Scott Henderson – Collection

Collection contains an assortment of songs from the Tone Center Records catalog that feature fusion guitar great Scott Henderson. This is essentially a label sampler, and shouldn’t be viewed as a Best Of or Greatest Hits retrospective. Since it only covers material that is available on Tone Center, it only covers the last 9 or so years of Henderson’s long career. And what a career it h... »

Uncle Moe's Space Ranch - Moe's Town

Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch – Moe’s Town

The new album by Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch, Moe’s Town, has been released by Tone Center Records. The Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch band features Brett Garsed and T.J. Helmerich on guitars, Scott Kinsey on keys, Gary Willis on bass, and Dennis Chambers on drums. The album was produced by Garsed and Helmerich, with Helmerich also handling the engineering and mixing duties. Moe’s Tow... »

Jimmy McIntosh: Orleans to London

Jimmy McIntosh: Orleans to London

Jimmy McIntosh’s Orleans to London assembles some of the best players on the planet, not that McIntosh is a slouch guitarist by any stretch, but for this debut recording McIntosh employs the services of three Nevilles (Art, Cyril, and Ivan) and from the London side Ron Wood and Jeff Beck,who, because of record contract issues, goes by the name of Hot Rod here. There are eleven tunes included... »

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