Month: April 2008

Ranjit Barot

Drummer Ranjit Barot Interview

DUALITY ON THE DRUMS THE FUTURE OF MUSIC DEPENDS ON ALL OUR CULTURES INTEGRATING   Ranjit Barot is India’s premiere drummer on the drum kit…and if you live outside of India chances are you probably wouldn’t know that. But with the release of Floating Point , John McLaughlin’s studio CD on Abstract Logix, that is about to change. Recorded in Chennai, India, Floating Point features what McLaugh... »

Mysteries of Revolution

Mysteries of Revolution

BB Davis: drums, flute, percussion, beatvoxdrums, vox humanis/vocals; Dan Biro: keyboards, percussion; Mark Smith: bass; Yussuf Squeeze Out Ali: vocals (7). Thankfully, fusion is no longer the dirty word it has been since the neoconservative jazz movement 1980s ended its 1970s glory days. Consequently, being influenced by artists like Weather Report, 1970s Miles Davis and Head Hunters-era Herbie H... »

Paul Gilbert - Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar

Paul Gilbert – Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar

In 2006, guitarist Paul Gilbert released his first all-instrumental album – Get Out Of My Yard. For many of the shred pioneer’s fans, this was the album they had been waiting for for years. Get Out Of My Yard was a fantastic, well-received recording that proved Gilbert could hang in there, both as player and a writer, with the biggest names on the instrumental rock guitar scene (Satria... »

John McLaughlin : Floating Point

John McLaughlin : Floating Point

John McLaughlin – Guitar & Guitar Synthesizer Ranjit Barot – Drums Sivamani – Percussion Louiz Banks – Keyboards Hadrien Feraud – Bass Guitar With Special Guests: George Brooks – Soprano Saxophone Debashish Bhattacharya – Hindustani Slide Guitar Shashank – Bamboo Flute Shankar Mahadevan – Vocals U. Rajesh – Electric Mandolin Naveen Ku... »

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