Month: August 2008

Dominique di Piazza

Bassist Dominique di Piazza Interview

Ask any basssist today, Hadrien Feraud, Matthew Garrison, Adam Nitti, Neal Fountain, and they will swear that bassist Dominique di Piazza has had a profound influence on their bass playing.   Dominique’s right hand approach is some of the most cherished techniques in bass playing today. It began by using the thumb, index and middle finger instead of the traditional two finger approach, ... »

Zdenko Ivanu - Lost in HTML

Zdenko Ivanu – Lost in HTML

The fall of the USSR in 1991 and resultant dissolution of Yugoslavia have resulted in a groundswell of musical creativity that’s becoming increasingly apparent to the rest of the western world. In many cases, music has gone from underground subversion to mainstream art form–good news for the musicians and, based on Croatian saxophonist Zdenko Ivanušić’s Lost in Html, good for eve... »

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