Month: October 2008

Chick Corea, John McLaughlin and Five Peace Pand : Monaco

Chick Corea, John McLaughlin and Five Peace Pand : Monaco

Chick Corea and John McLaughlin met back in 1969. The first tune they ever played together was In A Silent Way with the legendary Miles Davis. Tonight (Oct 22, 2008) at the opening night of their world tour that started at the Grimaldi Theatre in Monte Carlo, Monaco these two long time friends paid tribute to both Miles and composer Joe Zawinul by reprising their 1969 effort on the evening’s first... »

Jimmy Herring - Lifeboat

Jimmy Herring – Lifeboat

Guitarist Jimmy Herring has spent most of his illustrious career as a sideman. His stellar playing with bands such as Aquarium Rescue Unit, Phil Lesh and Friends, The Grateful Dead, and most recently Widespread Panic, has solidified his reputation as the preeminent guitarist to come out the jam band scene. Arguably his most interesting work has been with some of the side-project bands he has playe... »

Jimmy Herring

Jimmy Herring Interview

DRIFTIN’ ON A LIFEBOAT   Guitar great Pat Metheny once said, I’m still constantly amazed, considering how many guitar players there are out there in the world, how few really good ones there are. [*] In the opinion of the top-level musicians that he has played with, and the fans he has gathered from countless miles of touring: Jimmy Herring is well beyond the really good category. Altho... »

Marc Rossi Group - Hidden Mandala

Marc Rossi Group – Hidden Mandala

It is a great pleasure to have another opportunity to write more about this music. Earlier this year I wrote a review of the title cut for jazz.com and gave it a rave. The piece really took me away. Pianist Marc Rossi is a full Professor of Piano and Jazz Composition at Berklee. His background is as diverse as the musical scales. His jazz bona fides easily fill a page. He has played with Jimmy Giu... »

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