Month: December 2008



I’m a firm believer that we’re products of our environment. I find it fascinating how our surroundings can dictate so much in regards to our creative voice. The now is precious, who are we to run? The decision not to embrace the right now with honesty can be a debilitating conclusion for not only the artist(s) but for the beholder as well. I don’t know about you, but I want a win-win situation. If... »

Vernon Neilly: A Tribute to Stevie Wonder

Vernon Neilly: A Tribute to Stevie Wonder

It’s the wee hours of the morning and I can’t sleep. I’m sitting here surfin’ the net while listening to Award Winning Jazz Guitarist Vernon Neilly’s New Release a Tribute To Stevie Wonder. After the very first song, I’m here thinkin’ to myself that god definitely has a hand in dropping great albums into my lap to review. Why do I say this you ask? Because I have been a big Stevie Wonder Fan since... »

Vernon Neilly

Vernon Neilly Interview

This next interview is with a true music legend, Vernon Neilly. As long as Skope has been in existence we have been covering Vernon’s work as a musician and as an entrepreneur. Vernon spends alot of time working on his music and his love of the guitar. When he is not doing that he runs his impressive indie label, Boosweet Records. I wanted to talk with Vernon after finding out about his new tribut... »

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