Month: May 2009

Luke Stone: Somethin's Gotta Give

Luke Stone: Somethin’s Gotta Give

Luke Stone’s 2009 release: Somethin’s Gotta Give is a genre-blending tour de force that is unrepentant in its adventurous delivery. Ranging from complex progressive instrumentals to moody, melodic concoctions, the nine songs on Somethin’s Gotta Give highlights Stone’s ability as a multi-instrumentalistic juggernaut committed to his vision. A vision that is desperately needed in the face of the sta... »

Jack DeJohnette

Jack DeJohnette Interview

Jack DeJohnette’s latest CD, Music We Are, is an intimate affair. Intimate in the sense that the music gives you the impression of listening in on a private conversation among good friends. Although drummer DeJohnette, bassist John Patitucci and pianist Danilo Perez have played together in various settings, Music We Are is their first studio recording together as a trio. Music We Are is a wonderfu... »

Simon C.F. Yu

Simon C.F. Yu

uitarist Simon C.F. Yu makes a bold statement with his latest release Exotic Species (Chun Fung Simon Yu). A Chinese-born graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Yu would do just fine sticking to standard jazz or fusion music, given his ample chops and harmonic palette. But he goes well beyond those styles on this, his second solo recording. More than another East-Meets-West jazz album, Exotic S... »

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