Month: September 2009

Joe Zawinul & the Zawinul Syndicate - 75

Joe Zawinul & the Zawinul Syndicate – 75 – Last Birthday Live!

(Submitted by Walter Kolosky but written by Mark Anderson). On the live DVD of Zawinul’s phenomenal Syndicate, filmed shortly before his passing, Josef is still a big man. But he doesn’t look well and shuffles on and squints at his notes before putting on his glasses. Three quarters of a century would show on anyone. As soon as the music starts and the band starts to feel it’s way into the set wit... »

Miles From India

Miles From India in Montreal Live

(Submitted by Walter Kolosky but written by Bill Milkowski). Back in 2006, producer Bob Belden had the inspired notion of gathering several Miles Davis alumni together with Indian musicians who were equally adept at classical and jazz for an ambitious re-imagining of material from such Miles Davis landmarks as In A Silent Way, Bitches Brew, Get Up With It and On The Corner. With Yusuf Gandhi, head... »

Five Peace Band

Five Peace Band – Live

(Live concert review from May 1, 2009 at Flynn Theatre in Burlington, VT). The Flynn Theatre in Burlington, Vermont would be the last stop of this historic meeting of fusion gods Chick Corea and John McLaughlin. The night before in Boston the Five Peace Band ran through its repertoire that was supposedly honed through a long worldwide tour. Though good, the band just didn’t seem to catch fire. I w... »

Garaj Mahal

Garaj Mahal – Live Review

(Live concert review from April 22, 2009 at Johnny D’s in Somerville, MA) I had hoped to get to the Garaj Mahal gig early so I could hook-up with the band’s bassist Kai Eckhardt before the show. But bad weather, worse traffic and the lack of a parking space, and my embarrassing inability to parallel park once I found one, caused me to almost lose my reserved table. Still, with the help of a ... »

Gary Husband

3 Questions for Gary Husband

Gary Husband is one of the most creative and accomplished multi-instrumentalists and composers on the jazz fusion scene today. In numerous stints with Allan Holdsworth, Billy Cobham, Jack Bruce, Husband Mike Stern and John McLaughlin the drummer-keyboardist has shown a deft touch that is full of resourcefulness and clarity. His own projects have also exposed a great individual talent. His solo pia... »

Graham Bond Organisation - "Solid Bond"

Graham Bond Organisation – “Solid Bond”

(This review was submitted by Walter Kolosky but written by Mark Anderson). Originally released in 1970 this double album was already retrospective, comprising as it does of recordings from two sessions; Live at Klooks Kleek Club, London in 1963 (3 tracks) and Olympic Studios, London 1966 (9 tracks). For fusion fans, the cover offers a temptation that is not really fulfilled by the contents becaus... »

Jeff Beck - "Wired"

Jeff Beck – “Wired”

If you were around back in 1976 like I was you purchased Jeff Beck’s Wired because keyboardist Jan Hammer and drummer Narada Michael Walden were on it. They were already big fusion stars. Jeff Beck wasn’t. But it became very clear after a few measures of the very first tune that Beck had become fully invested in jazz-rock. For fusion fans this was a fantastic moment. A mainstream rocker had embrac... »

Miles Davis - "Tribute to Jack Johnson"

Miles Davis – “Tribute to Jack Johnson”

People can talk about Bitches Brew all day long. But it was another Miles Davis album, the follow-up Tribute to Jack Johnson, which was the true harbinger of what fusion music was going to be all about. Davis said the album was the greatest rock record ever recorded. I am sure many rock purists would vehemently disagree with him. But you can not rock-out any farther than the cats that played on th... »

Chick Corea and Return to Forever - "Light as a Feather"

Chick Corea and Return to Forever – “Light as a Feather”

It is probably safe to say that when most jazz fusion fans think of Return to Forever they concentrate on the most commercially successful of the group’s line-ups which featured founders Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke and guitarist Al Di Meola along with drummer Lenny White. But there was a whole RTF history before that version of the group was put together. All music is built upon music that came... »

Sebastiaan Cornelissen - U-Turn

Sebastiaan Cornelissen – “U-Turn”

Dutch drummer, guitarist and keyboard player Sebastiaan Cornelissen looks like a teenager staring back from the cover of his latest CD U-Turn. Perhaps he wears a beard and moustache to get away from that look. It doesn’t work. But this music certainly does. Cornelissen brings together a bevy of gifted jazz and rock players to play 13 of his compositions and 1 of Gary Husband’s. The album comes acr... »

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