Month: December 2009

John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin – drummers and percussionists

My first live concert with one of John McLaughlin´s drummers was in 1969. Mr. Ginger Baker of The Graham Bond Organisation, Cream, and Ginger Bakers Air Force played – with Blind Faith. Blind Faith was the short-lived “supergroup” – comprising Steve Winwood – ex-Spencer Davis Group and Traffic (keyboards), Eric Clapton (guitars), Ginger Baker (drums) and Rick Grech (bass). Blind Faith played... »

Ray Ferretti - Nice View

Ray Ferretti – Nice View

Nice View (Vectordisc) is the debut release from Philadelphia-based guitarist Ray Ferretti. It’s an ambitious collection of original fusion instrumentals that run the gamut from heavy, riff-based tunes to lighter jazzy fare. Ferretti provides all the guitar, bass, and drum loops on the album, and plays some keyboards as well. Joining Ferretti are co-producer Richard Burton on Keys, Ron Thoma... »

John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin – on bass players beyond the first Mahavishnu Orchestra line-ups

Throughout the 1970s and thereafter John McLaughlin has recruited various very strong bass players in his different line-ups. Jack Bruce, ex. Graham Bond, ex-Cream, ex-Tony Williams Lifetime had a central role in McLaughlin ´s late 1970s period. They performed John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”, as well as Jack Bruce’s “Rope Ladder to the Moon” – from the Cream era. Later on Jonas Hellborg and Kai E... »

Rez Abbasi

Rez Abbasi Interview: Part 2

Rod: Let’s talk about some individual tracks on Things To Come in detail. We can listen to the songs as we talk and comment on certain sections as they come up. [Cues up the song] Rod: The first track ‘Dream State’ opens the way a sitar player starts a raga by playing the sympathetic strings. Rez: That’s exactly what it is. I mean, that was the reason why I did it ’cuz it felt it was introducing t... »

Rez Abbasi

Rez Abbasi Interview

For better or worse we use labels, catch phrases and sound bites to categorize things not only for the purpose of describing, but also for the sake of convenience. If we put something under an all-encompassing category we don’t have to concern ourselves with the details about what it actually is. However, this lack of knowledge and understanding usually creates inaccuracies and falsehoods that bec... »

Gerald Gradwohl Trio - Sally Beth Roe

Gerald Gradwohl Trio – Sally Beth Roe

Austrian guitarist Gerald Gradwohl has been making great fusion records for years. A highly skilled soloist, Gradwohl’s style combines the hip lines of a jazz player, with the technical proclivities of a shredder. Though he has loads of session and sideman work in his background, his solo projects – particularly ABQ (Emarcy/Universal 2003), and Tritone Barrier (EMC 2007) – are wh... »

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