Month: May 2010


Prasanna: Transformative Potential

Indian guitarist Prasanna’s career has focused on extending and expanding the possibilities of the electric guitar. He’s renowned for his singular ability to perform traditional Indian classical Carnatic music on the instrument, including the complex intervallic elements demanded by its microtonal nature. To date, he’s released 11 albums of Carnatic material, as well as three albums of original co... »

Barry Cleveland

Barry Cleveland Interview

For more than 20 years Barry Cleveland has been scouring the sonic terrain of electric guitar. With a mix of progressive and psychedelic rock, ambient, experimental, funk, and various other influences combined with unorthodox playing techniques and an affinity for texturing, Cleveland’s releases have rarely invited pigeonholing. When he isn’t spending time as a key contributor to Guitar Player mag... »

Alex Machacek featuring Marco Minnemann - 24 Tales

Alex Machacek featuring Marco Minnemann – 24 Tales

Guitarist Alex Machacek is one of the most innovative composers in jazz and fusion. Though he does write a lot of music from scratch as most composers do, his most striking compositional device is to write around a pre-existing piece of music such as a drum solo (e.g., Djon Don and the title track from [sic]), or an improvised studio jam (e.g., practically the entire Improvision album with Matt Ga... »

John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension: To The One

John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension : Uppsala, Sweden, May 8, 2010

John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension played two sets in Uppsala, Sweden, somewhat different from the concert in Nice, April 22, 2010. The set list comprised, Raju, The Unknown Dissident, Recovery – from To the One, Senor C.S., Nostaglia, Sully, Hi-Jacked, Maharina, Mother Tongues and others. The playing was very intricate and inspired. The interplay between John McLaughlin, Etienne Mbappe a... »

Vead FootHills Jam

Vead FootHills Jam

VEAD’s Foothills Jam represent’s Michael Atonal Vick’s most recent foray into the atonal/microtonal world of the fretless guitar. As Vick has boasted on his website, fretnet.com has stated, He plays fretted and fretless guitars, and sometimes his music takes a little getting used to. The music has to be considered some sort of new genre: tongue-in-cheek avant garde. If Ornette Coleman, Bernie Worr... »

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