Month: February 2013

The Ringers

An Evening with The Ringers

An Evening with The Ringers Which musicians would make up your dream band? A common icebreaker question next to desert island movies, but for a large group of fans outside the Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte, NC on the night of February 20th, this question had an easy answer; The Ringers. This super-group is made up of Wayne Krantz, Michael Landau, and Jimmy Herring on guitar, as well as Etienne... »

Rob Lavery: Solo Journey

Rob Lavery: Solo Journey

This is a fascinating and oft times invigorating album: it’s literally ‘All Over The Place’ – and I mean that in a very positive sense – but it also, because of the sequencing of the songs, comes across as a really enjoyable cohesive whole. Equally eye opening (well, Ear opening actually) is the diversity of musical influences that permeate these 9 delightfully differ... »

Gary Wills

Tribal Tech Bassist Gary Wills Interview

Bassist Gary Willis who co-founded Tribal Tech is undoubtedly one of the most prolific bass players of this generation. For his upcoming record Retro,  Gary Willis returns to his jazz roots.His new trio features the incredible Gergo Borlai on drums and the acclaimed Catalan pianist Albert Bover on keyboards. A mix of vintage Jazz with the energetic twist that Willis always brings as well as a... »

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