Month: October 2014

Enoch Lee's Finish Line

Enoch Lee’s Finish Line Interview & Review

To call Enoch Lee a musician would be selling him short. With two music degrees under his belt Lee is taking on the world as a true artist who happens to operate through the medium of music. Through his hours of education and practice he has discovered, music spans much further than skill and technical abilities on the instrument. Music for Lee holds the ability to capture raw emotion and beauty t... »

Chris Beckers

Chris Beckers Navigation Review and Interview

From the Netherlands, guitarist Chris Beckers is versatile and many-sided within the music industry. The guitarist has been playing for several decades, is the founder of his own record label CrisCrazz, and has invested into his own studio Beau Garage. Beckers’ most recent release Navigation marks his thirteenth album, a beautiful continuation from his last album Seven Frames Of Mind. The extensio... »



PERSONNEL: Ranjit Barot — Drums and Vocals ; U. Shrinivas — Electric Mandolin ; Etienne MBappe — Bass and Vocals TRACKS: 1. Pack Up Your Bags 2. Sona Inon 3. Longue Lami 4. Tempest 5. Third World 6. Bombay Makossa You know the names on this recording: drummer Ranjit Barot, bassist Etienne MBappe, and mandolin maestro U. Shrinivas. You know they have played together: Barot and MBappe as the rhythm ... »

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