Month: May 2015

Dewa Budjana

A Conversation with Dewa Budjana

In tandem to playing in one of Indonesia’s biggest pop groups Gigi, guitarist Dewa Budjana boasts a sucessful solo career. With 8 solo albums under his own name, Budjana adds new flavor to the jazz fusion genre. With three albums in the past three years, the Indonesian guitarist tastefully pays respects to his musical influences while infusing the music of his culture into a beautifully uniq... »

Jeff Richman

Jeff Richman Talk About Hot Wire

For over 35 years Jeff Richman has composed, studied music, and played guitar. This experience comes to a head with his new release Hot Wire. Richman briefly talks about his new album, and his views on music. ABSTRACT LOGIX: For the past three years you’ve put out an album a year with Big Wheel, The Distance, and now Hotwire. How do you stay inspired to keep working at this rate? JEFF RICHMAN: The... »

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