Brett Garsed

Brett Garsed Interview

Australian Brett Garsed began playing guitar at age 12 after hearing Deep Purple’s Ritchie Blackmore play Speed King. Basically self-taught on the instrument, his first band consisted of his two cousins and a friend. In July of 1985, Brett was featured in Guitar Player magazine’s Spotlight column, which was devoted to exposing new talent to the rest of the world. His new album Big Skyi... »

Gary Husband

Gary Husband Interview

Gary Husband is a household name for every jazz, fusion and even pop fans today. There are very few people today that can play drums in a heavy setting and can amazingly interpret the music of Allan Holdsworth. He has appeared on monumental recordings of music history and has created a dazzling new record himself. On top of that,he is the backbone of the most interesting pop-jazz bands of our time... »

Alex Machacek

Alex Machacek Interview

When one thinks of Austria; jazz-rock guitarists don’t usually come to mind. Alexander Machacek wants to change that. Alex has released a stunning new CD called Featuring Ourselves. While Machachek maintains a core sound of his own, some of his playing is similar to what you may hear from the guitars of Frank Zappa and Alan Holdsworth. Abstract Logix was able to ask Alex a few questions. AL:... »

Jeff Sipe

Jeff Sipe Interview

Jeff Sipe, AKA Apt Q 258, is one of the most prolific and creative drummers around. Anyone who has seen him pound away on his kit with fireplace tools or kids? toys will attest to that! Jeff has buoyed the performances of many of today’s leading bands and stars such as the Aquarium Rescue Unit, Jeff Coffin, Susan Tedeschi, Oteil Burbridge, Jazz is Dead and Hellborg/Lane. Jeff says his drummi... »

Adam Nitti

Adam Nitti Interview

Bassist and composer Adam Nitti is making his mark. He is always a treat to see perform with any musician. His unique style and sound stands out. We recently caught up with Adam as he is preparing for his electronic education project with John Patitucci. AL: You started pretty young. AN: My parents had given me a toy drum set around the time I was 5 years old. My uncle later gave me a toy acoustic... »

John Molo

John Molo Exclusive

Drummer John Molo has provided the driving and supportive rhythms for Phil Lesh and Pat Metheny. For years he has been Bruce Hornsby’s main stick man. His new musical journey starts with the release of the instrumental heavy Modereko CD. The band’s first album stands out as an adventurous expression of rock, jazz and soul. Abstract Logix recently spoke with John. AL: You are taking a n... »

V Selvaganesh

V Selvaganesh

It was a beautiful evening in Calcutta. The guys had just finished a series of shows in town and were about to head to North East India for another series of shows. I had already set up a time to talk to Selvaganesh who played kanjeera with Jonas Hellborg a couple of nights previous. As I knocked on the door, he politely asked us to come inside. It seems that he and Jonas were working on something... »

Andrea Marchesini

Andrea Marchesini

Drummer Andrea Marchesini has caught the ears of some mighty fine contemporary musical artists. Using NYC as a base, he has played and recorded with such stars as Mike Stern and Jonas Hellborg. AL: What is your background? AM: I was born in Alassio, on the Italian north-western Riviera, in 1960. German mother and father from Sud Tyrol, a strange combination in a relatively new town which experienc... »

Dennis Chambers

Dennis Chambers

Any time there is a chance to see Dennis Chambers…….I?ll be there…..Put Dennis with Billy Sheehan and there is no telling what might happen. Then mix in one part B3, John Novello, and you get Niacin. Supporting their new album Time Crunch the band made a stop in the D.C. area and we decided to drop in and see some heavy-duty fusion. If you are not familiar with this trio you shou... »

Paul Hanson

Over the Top with Paul Hanson

Bassoonist Paul Hanson has taken the overlooked and rather snobbish labeled instrument to places never expected. He is leading the way for others to bring this ancient wood out of the orchestral background to stand front and center. Paul recently spoke to Abstract Logix about his career. AL: For new fans, tell a little bit about yourself and the bassoon. PH: I’m from Berkeley CA. I was born ... »

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