Jeff Richman

Jeff Richman Interview

Jeff Richman has been a fixture on the west coast jazz scene for some 20 years. In addition to his highly-regarded solo recordings, the LA-based guitarist has an extensive list of session and sideman credits, which includes work with artists such as Ernie Watts, T Lavitz, Mark Isham, Robbie Krieger, M’shell Ndegeocello, and many others. Richman is also an educator who has taught at both Musician&#... »

Jonas Hellborg

Jonas Hellborg: A Candid Conversation

Over the last 30 years, Jonas Hellborg has simultaneously defied and defined what it means to be an electric bass player. In the 21st century, he is doing more of the same. As one of the most iconoclastic musicians experimenting with the bottom frequencies, Hellborg has seemingly never been at a loss for ideas or direction. From his new approach to the bass (aside from Spinal Tap, who else had the... »

Ehsaan Noorani

Ehsaan Noorani Interview: Music, Film and Beyond

For those of you who are finding out about Ehsaan Noorani, for the very first time, he is one of the finest composers of Indian Film Music often termed as Bollywood, a mammoth machine that churns out big movies quite so like Hollywood, if not more. However what sets the two film industry apart among many things, is the music score that is as integral to the movie as the movie itself. In fact in a ... »

Alex Machacek

Alex Machacek Tales: The 24 Tales Interview

Alex Machacek is one of the few guitarists on the jazz fusion scene who is as revered for his writing as he is for his playing. Through his solo albums and collaborative recordings, the Austrian-native – who currently lives in Southern California and teaches at GIT – has always displayed a knack for writing harmonically rich pieces that put (at least) as much emphasis on the compositio... »

John Czajkowski

John Czajkowski Interview

Guitarist-composer, John Czajkowski, founded the critically acclaimed fusion-rock band, Hectic Watermelon in 2004. The 2006 debut Hectic Watermelon album, The Great American Road Trip, features Jerry Goodman (of Mahavishnu Orchestra and Dixie Dregs) on electric violin. HWM was quickly recognized as a fiery and creative new tour de force earning a number one ranking in the UK Alternative Jazz polls... »

Jeff Richman

Jeff Richman Interview

AL: You seem to have a desire for arranging and producing all-star records. This is not an easy thing to do and be successful, but you have been. How do you manage all these guys together?   JR: Thanks for the compliment. It kind of all has happened organically. I love playing at the Baked Potato here in LA. I would call the best players I know and I recorded some of the gigs. This is how Liv... »

Jeff Richman

Jeff Richman Sizzles

Q: Jeff thank you for such an inspirational and well written record , what influences your song writing ? Jeff Richman: Everything that is around me influences me. I am always looking for something new to listen to whether it is on CD’s, streaming or live concerts. I hope for an inspirational moment which will get me started on a new song. Q: Its quite apparent that you love Jimmy Haslip as ... »

Larger Than Life

Gary Willis talks about his new album Larger Than Life

On the eve of the release of his new album Larger Than Life, we sat down with bassist, improvisor, and composer Gary Willis to discuss his collaborators on the project, his process, and the results. Q: Given the vast geographic disparity, how did this record come together — were you all in the same room or did you take a more modular approach? What were the advantages of your chosen approach and h... »

Dewa Budjana

A Conversation with Dewa Budjana

In tandem to playing in one of Indonesia’s biggest pop groups Gigi, guitarist Dewa Budjana boasts a sucessful solo career. With 8 solo albums under his own name, Budjana adds new flavor to the jazz fusion genre. With three albums in the past three years, the Indonesian guitarist tastefully pays respects to his musical influences while infusing the music of his culture into a beautifully uniq... »

Jeff Richman

Jeff Richman Talk About Hot Wire

For over 35 years Jeff Richman has composed, studied music, and played guitar. This experience comes to a head with his new release Hot Wire. Richman briefly talks about his new album, and his views on music. ABSTRACT LOGIX: For the past three years you’ve put out an album a year with Big Wheel, The Distance, and now Hotwire. How do you stay inspired to keep working at this rate? JEFF RICHMAN: The... »

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