Larger Than Life

Gary Willis talks about his new album Larger Than Life

On the eve of the release of his new album Larger Than Life, we sat down with bassist, improvisor, and composer Gary Willis to discuss his collaborators on the project, his process, and the results. Q: Given the vast geographic disparity, how did this record come together — were you all in the same room or did you take a more modular approach? What were the advantages of your chosen approach and h... »

Dewa Budjana

A Conversation with Dewa Budjana

In tandem to playing in one of Indonesia’s biggest pop groups Gigi, guitarist Dewa Budjana boasts a sucessful solo career. With 8 solo albums under his own name, Budjana adds new flavor to the jazz fusion genre. With three albums in the past three years, the Indonesian guitarist tastefully pays respects to his musical influences while infusing the music of his culture into a beautifully uniq... »

Jeff Richman

Jeff Richman Talk About Hot Wire

For over 35 years Jeff Richman has composed, studied music, and played guitar. This experience comes to a head with his new release Hot Wire. Richman briefly talks about his new album, and his views on music. ABSTRACT LOGIX: For the past three years you’ve put out an album a year with Big Wheel, The Distance, and now Hotwire. How do you stay inspired to keep working at this rate? JEFF RICHMAN: The... »


Rod Sibley Interviews Ranjit Barot on CHINGARI’s new album BOMBAY MAKOSSA

CHINGARI RANJIT BAROT – ETIENNE MBAPPE – U. SHRINIVAS BOMBAY MAKOSSA By Rod Sibley The old saying goes, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. But you can’t have a fire without a spark. In Hindi, the word for “spark” is “chingari”. Chingari is also the name of the new group comprised of drummer/composer Ranjit Barot; bassist/vocalist Etienne MBappe; and mandolin virtuoso Uppalapu Shrinivas. Their de... »

Tom Guarna's Rush

Tom Guarna Talks About His Latest Release: Rush

Released in Feburary, Tom Guarna’s latest solo release RUSH exhibits beautiful orginal compositions, smooth textures and overall playing that pushes mainstream jazz into fusion territory. Tom takes some time to answer a few questions about RUSH and his guitar playing. Abstract Logix: Rush is more than a solo guitar album, but boasts incredible compositions. The album is less about one player... »

Enoch Lee's Finish Line

Enoch Lee’s Finish Line Interview & Review

To call Enoch Lee a musician would be selling him short. With two music degrees under his belt Lee is taking on the world as a true artist who happens to operate through the medium of music. Through his hours of education and practice he has discovered, music spans much further than skill and technical abilities on the instrument. Music for Lee holds the ability to capture raw emotion and beauty t... »

Chris Beckers

Chris Beckers Navigation Review and Interview

From the Netherlands, guitarist Chris Beckers is versatile and many-sided within the music industry. The guitarist has been playing for several decades, is the founder of his own record label CrisCrazz, and has invested into his own studio Beau Garage. Beckers’ most recent release Navigation marks his thirteenth album, a beautiful continuation from his last album Seven Frames Of Mind. The extensio... »

Peter Fernandes Releases Q.E.D.

Peter Fernandes Discusses His Latest Release Q.E.D.

Q.E.D. is packed with amazing guest musicians that make the album a real treat to listen to. How did getting all these musicians together come about? This was definitely a process, and not exactly planned from the beginning.  In other words, I didn’t really set out to make a power players album, though I guess that’s how it ended up.  There were some tracks that I had specific players ... »

Mark Egan

Mark Egan Discusses What Went Into Creating About Now

Composer and bassist Mark Egan returns in 2014 with a more introspective album called About Now. The album features a trio made of Danny Gottlieb, Mitchel Forman, and of course Mark Egan. Egan took some time to discuss what went into the making of About Now, his gear, and his experience at the University of Miami. Abstract Logix: You have played with Danny Gottlieb on many projects, but how did th... »

Jonas Hellborg

Jonas Hellborg: Defining The Jazz Raj

Maestro composer, bassist and engineer Jonas Hellborg is back in 2014 with what he says is his best album yet aptly called The Jazz Raj, an exceptional musical statement with Indian undertones featuring Swedish Guitarist Mattias Eklundh and Indian Drum Phenom Ranjit Barot who has been making international news for the past few years as the drummer for John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension. Not jus... »

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