Peter Fernandes' Q.E.D.

Peter Fernandes’ Q.E.D. on Review

Peter Fernandes is a jack-of-all-trades, showing incredible proficiency in several areas. His talents are proudly displayed with the release of his new album Q.E.D., an album Fernandes composed, tracked, mixed and played keyboards and synth. Q.E.D. features a plethora of guest musicians on a variety of instruments, including Gary Husband, Greg Howe, Virgil Donati, and Richard Hallebeek. To allow e... »

Al Garcia

Al Garcia, an Exceptionally Good Multi-Instrumentalist

AL GARCIA: AN EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST by Angel Romeo (www.progressiverockcentral.com) Tampering with Nature is the latest release by indie progressive music artist Al Garcia. The exciting composer and multi-instrumentalist dominates guitars and bass, and also plays drums and percussion as well. Tampering with Nature combines the best of jazz fusion, progressive rock, classical, gu... »

Jason Sadites' Tales Under

Jason Sadites’ Tales Under Review

In the past few years fusion music has slowly witnessed a new genre gradually work its way into the melting pot. Many young guitarists are obviously raised along side the classic roots of fusion music, while also exposed to and influenced by heavier metal and the shred guitar of late 80’s. While icons of this new era like Tosin Abasi or Ben Weinman have embraced the heavier of these influences, gr... »

Don Peretz & Oz Noy's Manufactured Region

Don Peretz & Oz Noy’s Manufactured Region

Composer and drummer Don Peretz has teamed up with Oz Noy to create the collaborative EP Manufactured Region. This five track EP exhibits a cross of fusion and electronic improvisation over the backdrop of industrial textured soundscapes. These songs show a momentary departure from Noy’s iconic blues style, yet still maintains his personality and tone. The pieces create strong imagery and at times... »

Dojo: Road Trip

Dojo: Road Trip

Time in a beautiful place can be the impetus for great art. One without the other, leaves a lot to be desired. Every once in a while, everything lines up and when that happens, that precious moment must be celebrated. However, the beholder must walk a fine line, they have a responsibility. They must capture the moment, and turn it into a timeless expression, that engages a multitude of emotions. D... »

Oscar Utterstorm: Departure

Oscar Utterstorm: Departure Review

Very little about Oscar Utterstrom could be described as predictable, beginning with the fact that he plays electric trombone. So the Sweden-born graduate of the Berklee College of Music — who moved to Nashville, of all places, and earned his masters at Middle Tennessee State University — bringing back the bulk of the cast from his debut CD Home qualifies as the only expected aspect of... »

Ken Talve Trio: Out Of The Blue

Ken Talve Trio: Out Of The Blue

Out of the Blue is an appropriate title for guitarist Ken Talve’s second CD, since the double-disc is a rich helping of the jazz and rock tributaries he navigates through a blues-influenced undercurrent. Along with trio partners Chris Eisner Jr. (bass) and Anthony Cerabino (drums), Talve charts a 13-song, 94-minute course through what might have been for Stevie Ray Vaughan. That blues/rock s... »

Asaf Sirkis: Shepherd's Stories

Asaf Sirkis: Shepherd’s Stories

With the latest release by his trio, Shepherd’s Stories, Israeli drummer Asaf Sirkis proves he’s entering the rare air of great percussive jazz/fusion composer-bandleaders like Tony Williams and Bill Bruford. The comparisons, in part, can be credited to his trio partners. Israeli bassist Yaron Stavi provides a stabilizing, supportive and fluid presence, and Greek guitarist Tassos Spili... »

Rcubed: The Beginning and The Ending

Rcubed: The Beginning and The Ending Review

Rcubed: The Beginning And The Ending (2013-06-15 Bill Meredith) Power trio is a term associated more with guitar-based rock acts like Cream, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Rush than fusion bands, but it certainly applies to the shape-shifting California instrumental trio Rcubed’s debut CD, The Beginning And The Ending. Which makes sense, considering the group’s powerful collective in... »

The Ringers

An Evening with The Ringers

An Evening with The Ringers Which musicians would make up your dream band? A common icebreaker question next to desert island movies, but for a large group of fans outside the Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte, NC on the night of February 20th, this question had an easy answer; The Ringers. This super-group is made up of Wayne Krantz, Michael Landau, and Jimmy Herring on guitar, as well as Etienne... »

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