Check Out Kneebody’s Latest, ‘Anti-Hero’

Check Out Kneebody’s Latest, ‘Anti-Hero’


With a constantly evolving sound that incorporates electronic music, rock and hip-hop, Kneebody has established themselves as one of the most forward-looking groups in jazz. Following their groundbreaking 2015 collaboration with IDM innovator Daedelus, the GRAMMY-nominated quintet bring raw energy, churning backbeats, and unrestrained exploration to their latest offering, Anti-Hero.

Ben Wendel (sax), Shane Endsley (trumpet), Kaveh Rastegar (bass), Adam Benjamin (keyboards), Nate Wood (drums)


01 For the Fallen
02 Uprising
03 Drum Battle
04 Antihero
05 The Balloonist
06 For Mikie Lee
07 Profar
08 Carry On
09 Yes You
10 Austin Peralta

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