• When Memphis and Chennai were neighbors

    September 26, 2014   By Ablx Staff

    Guitarist Shawn Lane and Mandolin U.Shrinivas came from two very far corners of the world. Both gentle giants, gone too soon. I spend a lot of time with Shawn during 2002-2003 when Hellborg, Lane and Jeff Sipe did a brief reunion tour and subsequently when I travelled with ...

  • The RockTronix - Magnificent Obsession

    August 28, 2014   By Karen Frieske

    The RockTronix - Magnificent Obsession (Movie) This Music Documentary captures the birth and evolution of The RockTronix.  Follow this original band through rehearsals, pre-production and three days in the studio as they record their debut album.  Delve into the cr ...

  • Relive the John McLaughlin Tour

    July 01, 2013   By Ablx Staff

    The instruments are packed up, the stage lights are off, and John McLaughin's 2013 Summer Tour has come to an end. But the tour isn't completely over. Relive the tour by watching footage from every show on the tour.    Arriving in America ...

  • John McLaughlin wins award at MusicMesse

    May 06, 2012   By Ablx Staff

    The Frankfurt Music Prize was founded in 1980 and has been awarded annually by the Frankfurt Music Prize Foundation on the occasion of the international Musikmesse in Frankfurt since 1982. It is awarded to musicians, composers, teachers and personalities from the world of music ...

  • The Epic Monster Mr Twister by Danny John Trio

    April 22, 2011   By Daniel John

    A Masterpiece of Progressive Jazz Rock Fusion for the 21st Century Danny John Trio is rolling out the much anticipated, second studio Album "Mr Twister. The music was conceived straight after the release of the first Album "Three days", in mid 2008. After a coupl ...

  • Roberto Badoglio: Re-Evaluation Time

    February 15, 2010   By Ablx Staff

    Four decades after Fusion's burst into the seventies, it is spontaneous to wonder what's left of the amazing musical virtues that Fusion brought up. The confusing alternation between memorable and less than significant outcomes throughout the eighties and nineties has obscu ...

  • Sanjay Divecha

    January 07, 2010   By Ablx Staff

    Sanjay has crossed many borders, physical & cultural, in pursuit of his vision - a vision of world community, expressed through music. A native of Mumbai, India, Sanjay's first formal study in music was in Hindustani music, playing the sitar which he studied for 5 years ...

  • Gerald Gradwohl

    October 15, 2009   By Ablx Staff

    With no doubt Gerald Gradwohl is one of the hippest musicians in the Austrian studio and live scene. Growing up with Rock and Hardrock Music, he changed his style when he began to study guitar at the Conservatory Vienna,where he obtained first-class honours. Not only Austri ...

  • Win a Free CD from Sebastiaan Cornelissen!

    June 25, 2009   By Ablx Staff

      Sign up to win a free Sebastiaan Cornelissen CD   ...

  • Marc Guillermont

    June 25, 2009   By Ablx Staff

    Born on the twentieth of February 1968 in Aix Les Bains in the French Alps, it was at the age of five that Marc first involved himself in music.Starting on saxophone at the Aix Les Bains Conservatory where he stayed for the next nine years, eventually it was the guitar ...

  • John McLaughlin/Godin Guitar Giveaway

    June 15, 2009   By Ablx Staff

    The lucky winner of the Godin Guitar Giveaway is M.Ramirez from Pennsylvania. There were thousands that entered the contest during the Five Peace Band Tour in North America between March 18 and May 1. ...

  • Jimmy Herring Band Spring Tour Giveaway

    March 17, 2009   By Ablx Staff

      Sign up to get some free tickets to see Jimmy Herring Band at a venue close to you   ...

  • Allen Hinds

    February 12, 2009   By Ablx Staff

    A native of Auburn, Alabama, Allen was exposed to blues and R&B at an early age. Moving into jazz and fusion in his teens, he attended Berklee College of Music and shortly after, moved to Los Angeles to attend Musician’s Institute. Allen has a touch that most guitaris ...

  • Brian Baggett : Hot Talent

    January 05, 2009   By Ablx Staff

      "Baggett’s incredible guitar playing falls somewhere between Holdsworth and Alex Lifeson, yet with a sound of its own." - Guitar Player Brian Baggett is one of the top guitar players in the Midwest. He played well over 100 gigs in 2007. Brian’s ...

  • John McLaughlin Free Download

    December 09, 2008   By Ablx Staff

    To all our friends. Our new website has been up for about a year now, and I had written a piece called 'A New Karuna', part of which is the background music to the site.   John McLaughlin- New Karuna by abstractlogix. ...

  • Claude Pauly - Lots of Mind and Matter

    November 04, 2008   By Ablx Staff

    Among so many electric guitarists in the world today, Claude Pauly certainly stands out to be a very creative and energetic player. His latest release Mind Meets Matter speaks high volumes of his terrific chops along with some very solid writing. Claude was born in Luxembou ...

  • Marc Rossi

    August 29, 2008   By Ablx Staff

    Marc Rossi’s ambitious genre-transcending career and inclusive compositions led Down Beat magazine to call him "one of the dynamic few whose musical and cultural awareness travels exponentially in many different directions." A versatile contemporary classical compos ...

  • Chris Poland/OHM Circus of Sound Contest

    August 21, 2008   By Ablx Staff

    Your chance to win one of 3 complimentary OHM cds ...

  • Catherine Delgadillo

    July 17, 2008   By Ablx Staff

    Catherine was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and grew up in Sunnyvale, California. At the age of 9 playing and writing music on the guitar and piano soon became one of her favorite pastimes. Being self-taught, Catherine has developed a love for playing guitar, singing, playing ...

  • Gustavo Assis-Brasil

    June 09, 2008   By Bill Milkowski

    An accomplished guitarist with a remarkably fluid linear concept and a distinctive, ultra-sophisticated harmonic sense, Boston-based Gustavo Assis-Brasil also exhibits a fully developed voice as a composer on his auspicious debut as a leader (available as a two disc set DVD-CD). Re ...

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