The Epic Monster Mr Twister by Danny John Trio


Apr 22, 2011    l   By Daniel John

Danny John is one of Austrlia's foremost Guitar Virtuosos, (Alan Alvarez WOA Records)

A Masterpiece of Progressive Jazz Rock Fusion for the 21st Century

Danny John Trio is rolling out the much anticipated, second studio Album Mr Twister. The music was conceived straight after the release of the first Album Three days, in mid 2008. After a couple of line up changes, we are finally here.

So, what of Danny John and his Album Mr Twister?

Steve Trovato (The Country Jazzmaster): Mr Trovato's students have achieved major success and include Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, and Norman Brown.

said: Danny, Mr. Twister is very cool.

Huge guitar tone!

I like the way you blend fusion jazz and hard rock. Great playing Steve

Brett Garsed (really needs no introduction): To guitar aficionados he is probably best known for his scintillating instrumental collaborations with US guitarist TJ Helmerich. Their two releases for the now-defunct Legato Records label, Quid Pro Quo & Exempt, are among the most sought-after albums of the genre. http://www.brettgarsed.com

said: Hey Danny great to hear that you have the album in the works. I have such great memories of you, Rafael (Moreira), and Ernst (Ernesto Homeyer), coming in to Open Councelling and ripping everyone's faces off, (including mine)!


A Little about the process and results DJ3 achieved in recording Mr Twister, an Album, anyone who has heard any music from, either live, or of the board, claims.
There is simply nothing like this music out there.

Mr Twister was written as a completely collaborative effort between James, Marcos and Danny, which evident in the broad genre bending and crossing Would. Would starts off poppy, then swing elements are introduced, with the Guitar solo going Outside, we had nowhere else but Latin to take the song to another level. This was particularly difficult coming from a 6 bar, 6/4 section and segueing into a Clave.

Whole is a trip down Hole Tone memory lane, with a definite American Fusion influence. The Guitar solo there was a one taker.

Predilection and Lighthouse were one take Jams during which Producer/Engineer Luke Webb said, You guys just went berserk.

Lighthouse features a head that changes key every two beats, (which both Marcos and Dan solo over at around 161 bpm).

There's plenty more to be experienced on this Album, including Massive Driving Rhythms, Insane Drum Solos, as well as beautifully crafted and executed Bass virtuosity, not to mention, too much Gambalesque Sweep Picking.

Mr Twister was recorded from start to finish in 17 hours, laying the Drums and Bass down more or less together Live. All Rhythm Guitars were all doubled and in some cases four Guitar parts were layered. All instrument parts were either one or two take, which is a monumental effort when you consider the title track, Mr Twister, contains no 4/4, nor does it resolve to 4/4 at any stage.

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