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John McLaughlin Instructional DVDs: The Gateway to Rhythm

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Konokol is the universal system of mastering rhythm without drums. Guitar legend John McLaughlin, who has advocated this system of learning rhythm for over 30 years, brings it all together with Konokol master Selvaganesh Vinayakram, one of the foremost percussionists from India. Divided into 6 chapters, the student moves from basic understanding of rhythm into the wonderful world of improvisation. Exercises are explained and demonstrated followed by improvisations which include all the exercise material of that particular chapter. You will learn through this course how to improvise rhythmically and how this system can help in your compositions. Following this, John McLaughlin explains and demonstrates on the guitar the benefit Konokol has had on his improvisations, and its usefulness in his compositions over the past 30 years.

Order this DVD today [This is the way I do It]  


There are 12 Chapters, and each chapter begins with me speaking about the scale with its particular set of modes that the chapter is dedicated to. The chapters are categorized in the following order
The Basic Modes
Rhythmic Development of Basic Modes + Introduction of the Major Pentatonic Scale
Modal Fluency Development + Phrasing
Introduction of Linear Triads + Scale Tone Chords
Symmetric Scale and Development of Fluency
Harmonic Minor and its Harmonic Development
Melodic Minor and its Modal Development
Advanced Development of Melodic Minor and Introduction of the 2 :5 :1 Movement
Development of odd Time Signatures
Combination of odd Time Signatures and Harmonic Development
Advanced Harmonic Improvisation with odd and even Time Signatures

I then demonstrate these on my instrument. For this we used the latest video technology showing 3 simultaneous videos (L.Hand, R. Hand, with the notation in sync., including multi angle views and all in CD quality sound).

Some of these exercises address themselves to the development of rhythmic development, all the time staying in that chapter's particular scale and modes. In addition, in all chapters, I show the harmonic aspects of the scale, and its application to the guitar in its inherent scale tone chords. In this way the student begins to grasp the concept of understanding harmony, and its application on guitar.
From here we move to the actual demonstrations. For this purpose there is a 'virtual' band that I play with and the music the band plays is directly related to the exercises which preceded. Although 'virtual', the band consists of keyboards, bass, drums and percussion. I then play 2 demonstrations of real improvisation with the band. The 1st improvisation deals with the actual application of the exercises in an improvisational environment. The 2nd deals with the same application, but in a more advanced manner showing the student greater possibilities with similar material.

From here we go to the final aspect of each chapter. Analysis

Here, I am filmed standing beside a large projection screen upon which is projected the musical notation of the advanced demonstration. I have a laser pointer which I use to pinpoint certain notes and groups of notes and analyze the improvisation.

At the very end of each chapter there are practice tracks available.

There is also a bibliotheque of almost 100 personal musical phrases which relate to the various chapters and demonstrations.

The complete notation scores from all chapters will be available as a PDF file download from our website.

By the time the students have completed this course, they will have a complete grasp of harmony and rhythm, a very high level of improvisational ability, plus, the encouragement they need to become themselves in music.

This system of learning is completely new and has never been used until now. Work Well

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