Portraits- Shakuhachi & Piano Duets

Geni Skendo & Dominik Wania – Portraits: Shakuhachi & Piano Duets


The shakuhachi is a Japanese flute, most often made of bamboo, which is exactly 1.8 feet long. The word in Japanese means both the flute and the distance. To obtain different tunings the instrument is now also available in different lengths. There is a sporadic history of the shakuhachi being used in film scores, commercial pop and progressive music tunes. But until recently, it did not find its way very into much Western music. Artists such as Geni Skendo are trying to change that. The Boston-based player teams up with pianist Dominik Wania to present 11 pieces for shakuhachi and piano on Portraits. The breathy, subtle, but expressive, tones Skendo brings forth from his flute are a perfect match for Wania’s lush chords and jazz colors. The sound of the flute gives the music an Asian flavor but the music itself isn’t necessarily Japanese or Asian. Western jazz permeates even the most meditative cuts. The end result is a pleasing, exacting and creative mix of world music presented in the most tasteful way by two wonderful musicians who have developed a high rapport. Portraits will soothe your mind while still challenging it. – Walter Kolosky

Portraits- Shakuhachi & Piano Duets

Portraits- Shakuhachi & Piano Duets

Personnel: Geni Skendo –shakuhachi; Dominik Wania –piano

Released in 2008

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