• Jeff Richman Sizzles

    November 18, 2016   By Ablx Staff

    Q: Jeff thank you for such an inspirational and well written record , what influences your song writing ? Jeff Richman: Everything that is around me influences me. I am always looking for something new to listen to whether it is on CD's, streaming or live concerts. I hope for ...

  • Gary Willis talks about his new album Larger Than Life

    August 11, 2015   By Ablx Staff

    On the eve of the release of his new album Larger Than Life, we sat down with bassist, improvisor, and composer Gary Willis to discuss his collaborators on the project, his process, and the results. Q: Given the vast geographic disparity, how did this record come tog ...

  • A Conversation with Dewa Budjana

    May 27, 2015   By Ablx Staff

    In tandem to playing in one of Indonesia's biggest pop groups Gigi, guitarist Dewa Budjana boasts a sucessful solo career. With 8 solo albums under his own name, Budjana adds new flavor to the jazz fusion genre. With three albums in the past three years, the Indonesian guitaris ...

  • Jeff Richman Talk About Hot Wire

    May 06, 2015   By Ablx Staff

    For over 35 years Jeff Richman has composed, studied music, and played guitar. This experience comes to a head with his new release Hot Wire. Richman briefly talks about his new album, and his views on music. ABSTRACT LOGIX: For the past three years you’ve put out an album a ...

  • Rod Sibley Interviews Ranjit Barot on CHINGARI's new album BOMBAY MAKOSSA

    January 08, 2015   By Ablx Staff

    CHINGARI RANJIT BAROT – ETIENNE MBAPPE – U. SHRINIVAS BOMBAY MAKOSSA By Rod Sibley The old saying goes, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. But you can’t have a fire without a spark. In Hindi, the word for “spark&rdqu ...

  • Tom Guarna Talks About His Latest Release: Rush

    November 04, 2014   By Ablx Staff

    Released in Feburary, Tom Guarna's latest solo release RUSH exhibits beautiful orginal compositions, smooth textures and overall playing that pushes mainstream jazz into fusion territory. Tom takes some time to answer a few questions about RUSH and his guitar playing. Abstr ...

  • Enoch Lee's Finish Line Interview & Review

    October 29, 2014   By Ablx Staff

    To call Enoch Lee a musician would be selling him short. With two music degrees under his belt Lee is taking on the world as a true artist who happens to operate through the medium of music. Through his hours of education and practice he has discovered, music spans much ...

  • Chris Beckers Navigation Review and Interview

    October 23, 2014   By Ablx Staff

    From the Netherlands, guitarist Chris Beckers is versatile and many-sided within the music industry. The guitarist has been playing for several decades, is the founder of his own record label CrisCrazz, and has invested into his own studio Beau Garage. Beckers’ most recent re ...

  • Peter Fernandes Discusses His Latest Release Q.E.D.

    August 26, 2014   By Ablx Staff

    Q.E.D. is packed with amazing guest musicians that make the album a real treat to listen to. How did getting all these musicians together come about? This was definitely a process, and not exactly planned from the beginning.  In other words, I didn't really set out to ...

  • Mark Egan Discusses What Went Into Creating About Now

    June 12, 2014   By Ablx Staff

    Composer and bassist Mark Egan returns in 2014 with a more introspective album called About Now. The album features a trio made of Danny Gottlieb, Mitchel Forman, and of course Mark Egan. Egan took some time to discuss what went into the making of About Now, his gear, and his ...

  • Jonas Hellborg: Defining The Jazz Raj

    February 22, 2014   By Ablx Staff

    Maestro composer, bassist and engineer Jonas Hellborg is back in 2014 with what he says is his best album yet aptly called The Jazz Raj, an exceptional musical statement with Indian undertones featuring Swedish Guitarist Mattias Eklundh and Indian Drum Phenom Ranjit Barot who ...

  • Ken Talve discusses his album Out of The Blue

    July 11, 2013   By Ablx Staff

    Ken Talve's second album is called Out of the Blue. This 2 disc album offers all original material mixng jazz, rock, and blues. The power trio's agressive album is harmonically rich, holds catchy melodies, and is a must for any guitarist. Below Ken Talve talks a bit abou ...

  • Jeff Richman on Big Wheels

    July 05, 2013   By Ablx Staff

    35 years of experience, 17 albums, a Berklee College of Music education, and Jimmy Haslip in the producer's chair. There was no way Jeff Richman's newest album Big Wheel could be anything but spectacular. The album opens with a funky groove that never lets up for the re ...

  • Gerald Gradwohl talks about Big Land

    July 05, 2013   By Ablx Staff

    "A strong Rock’N Roll attitude mixed with Jazz harmony to fierce discharging jazz rock storms." This is how Gerald Gradwohl describes the music style of his band. On his new album Big Land his core band is made of Kirk Covington on drum of Tribal Tech fame, Har ...

  • An Interview with Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya

    May 27, 2013   By Ablx Staff

    Debashish Bhattacharya started learning Indian music from his parents before he learned the alphabet. In his childhood he mastered many Indian classical instrumental styles as well as vocal music. As a performer, Debashish gave his first guitar recital at the age of four on the All ...

  • Richard Hallebeek Interview

    April 10, 2013   By Ablx Staff

    Dutch guitarist Richard Hallebeek has created a guitar player’s dream. His album The Richard Hallebeek Project II (RHPII), brings together 8 all star musicians, all playing with Hallebeek over his brilliant compositions. Guest include Greg Howe, Eric Gales, Alex Machacek, Gut ...

  • Tribal Tech Bassist Gary Wills Interview

    February 05, 2013   By Ablx Staff

    Bassist Gary Willis who co-founded Tribal Tech is undoubtedly one of the most prolific bass players of this generation. For his upcoming record Retro,  Gary Willis returns to his jazz roots.His new trio features the incredible Gergo Borlai on drums and the acclaimed Catalan pi ...

  • John McLaughlin and The 4th Dimension Live in Oslo, Norway, November 20 and 21, 2012

    December 01, 2012   By Viggo Hasseltvedt

      John McLaughlin and The 4th Dimension played two concerts (both sold out in advance) at Nasjonal Jazzscene in Oslo on November 20 and 21. The concert´s first number was Guitar Love from the new album, Now Here This followed by Little Miss Valley and Abbaji dedicated t ...

  • Alex Machacek's FAT

    September 10, 2012   By Ablx Staff

    In anticipation for the release of Alex Machacek’s new studio album FAT (Fabulous Austrian Trio), Alex took some time to answer a few questions about his album, music, and his playing. Neal Shaw: Your new record FAT features Raphael Preuschl and Herbert Pirker, who were b ...

  • Oz Noy Interview

    July 05, 2012   By Neal Shaw

    Oz Noy is a guitar player that blends rock, jazz, blues, and funk into his own unique style that stands out from the fusion world. A staple at the Bitter End in New York City, Oz has five solo releases to his name. The lastest of which is titled Twisted ...

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