Mike Stern

Mike Stern – Jazz Rock Fusion Master


Mike Stern Live
New Morning – The Paris Concert

inakustik #INAK 6456 DVD
Region – 0 (code free)
Format 4:3
Time: approx 115 mins.

Recorded Live at the New Morning – Paris 2004

Mike Stern – Guitar
Richard Bona – Bass
Dennis Chambers – Drums
Bob Franceschini – Sax

Play 25:31
Slow Change 12:05
Still There 17:53
Tipatina’s 17:22
Ha Ha Hotel 7:18

Bonus Tracks
After You (1990) 16:13
Bob Berg – Sax
Dennis Chambers – Drums
Lincoln Goins – Bass

Jean Pierre (1996) 5:15
Dave Weckl – Drums
Lincoln Goins – Bass
Bob Sheppard – Sax

Bonus Features: In Conversation with Mike Stern

1) First Things First
2) Learning with Pat Metheny, playing with Blood, Sweat & Tears
3) Miles’ Way
4) Fusion
5) Music From the Heart

Mike Stern

Mike Stern

Writing a review of a Mike Stern performance is like trying to pick out special moments in the recorded history of the Grateful Dead, Stravinsky, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Mozart, Duke Ellington, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, or Frank Sinatra. Not only is it nearly impossible, it’s nearly pointless as their work needs to be taken as a whole. The only real difference here is that Mike Stern is on so very few DVD’s and only one as a leader – this one.

Describing the individual performances during this special concert is the easiest review I’ve ever had to write – SPECTACULAR! That’s it; anything else would diminish the enjoyment of Mike Stern and company. Besides that, the significance of this DVD goes way beyond the concert itself. Mike Stern should be given special credit and special attention because of his never ending pursuit of great music and his unflinching dedication of bringing his passion to fans all over the world. Mike Stern has established himself as an icon for the Jazz Rock Fusion genre and can arguably be called “The hardest working musician in Jazz Rock Fusion.” He should be recognized for bringing many of Jazz Rock Fusion’s finest musicians around the world, carrying his message of musical aspirations. The list of talented musicians he’s featured includes such masters as Bob Berg, Bob Malach, Jeff Andrews, Lincoln Goins, Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl, Alain Caron, Ben Perowski, Jim Beard, David Sanborn, Jaco Pastorius, Mitch Forman (Mahavishnu), Steve Jordan, Mark Egan (Pat Metheny), Michael Brecker, Peter Erskine, Don Alias (1939 – 2006), Manolo Badrena (Weather Report), Anthony Jackson, Al Foster, Randy Brecker, Jack DeJohnette, John Patitucci, John Scofield, Bill Frisell, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jon Herington, Kenny Garrett, Bela Fleck, Victor Wooten and on, and on…

Mike’s work ethic should also be praised for bringing his live music to the US, which is rarely (if ever) done by modern Jazz Rock Fusion musicians. Without Mike Stern, Jazz Rock Fusion would not be the living, creative force that it remains after all these years. That’s no disrespect to the many other fantastic musicians in the genre, but a compliment of the highest order to one deserving such a compliment.

This DVD represents a glimpse of the man, his music, and the force of nature he has become since rocketing to stardom with Miles Davis in the
early 80’s. There may be more technically advance guitarists or better composers, but no one comes close to Mike’s fearless pursuit of his muse.
While John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, and other prominent guitarists take much of the spotlight in today’s Jazz Rock Fusion guitar scene, Mike Stern has quietly plodded along at nothing less than the peak of his abilities for over 20 years.

Did I mention that he’s really good?

Last thought – as much as Mike Stern brings to the table, Richard Bona nearly steals the show. Rarely does a musician transcend his instrument to levels beyond mortal abilities, which makes watching Richard Bona perform nearly spellbinding.

If you know anything about performing Jazz Rock Fusion musicians, guitarists, bass players, or drummers, this is one DVD you must own.
Especially since these special offerings have a way of disappearing, never to be seen again.


Rick Calic

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