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October 18, 2012    l   By Ablx Staff


What do you get when you blend Indian and jazz music performed by world-class musicians from both genres? That’s what world fusion music makers, The Ninth Wave, set to find out with their recently released CD titled “Time in Transition.”  The Ninth Wave is Daryll Dobson (acoustic guitar), Shree Sundar Kumar (kanjira), Neyvelli RadhaKrishna (violin) and B. Sivaraman (mridangam). 

“The band was formed to create music that awakens the cosmic consciousness of our audiences,” says Dobson, a Boca Raton resident who served as the producer, guitarist and composer on the album. “The message of the music is one of universal hope, love and cosmic energy. The Ninth Wave is a musical channel for this awareness and spiritual energy.”

If you’re a fan of world music such as Shakti and John McLaughlin, then you’ll be sure to groove on The Ninth Wave’s engaging and ethereal sounds.  Yet the musical merging of these divergent (eastern/western) sounds differ from their above mentioned predecessors with refreshingly innovative if not exotically compelling tracks.   Daryll Dobson is an American jazz and classical guitarist, while the Indian trio, Shree Sundarkumar, Radhakrishna and Sivarama, have their roots in Indian classical music. Together they have negotiated a unique cutting edge merger between two styles of music in uncharted yet spiritually motivated and inspired realms.

Track listings include: Puerta De Hayu Marka (Gateway of the Gods), Oreo’s Dream, Suns of Sundar, A Night in Tunisia and Walk of the Iguana. If A Night in Tunisia sounds familiar, that’s because Dizzy Gillespie composed the be-bop classic. Dobson updates the version with The Ninth Wave style featuring fast melodies and skillful solos.

The stories behind each recording are as interesting as the songs themselves. For example, On Our Way to Markawasi is named for the legendary stone forests in Peru’s Andes Mountains where paranormal events and UFO’s are considered common occurrences.


Five Questions for: Daryll Dobson

Club Cabeza recently included a review of The Ninth Wave’s latest CD, Time in Transition.

After giving the CD a listen, I sat down with Dobson to learn more about the musical influences surrounding the CD.

Club Cabeza: What were you and your band members hoping to accomplish in creating this album?

Daryll Dobson: The band was formed to create music that awakens the cosmic consciousness of our audiences. The message of the music is one of universal hope, love and cosmic energy. The Ninth Wave is a channel for this awareness, for music and spiritual energy.

Club Cabeza: Who were your musical influences for this album? 

Daryll Dobson: The music was inspired by both Western and Eastern Masters.

Club Cabeza: It seems you took these inspirations to create new inspirations. What would you consider the source of the musical messages.

Daryll Dobson: The songs are inspired by many mystical places, ancient alien theory, the Mayan calendar and the December 21, 2012 planetary alignment. These are the sources of the message and as important as the music itself.

Club Cabeza: How much of a challenge was it for you as an accomplished Jazz composer and guitarist to incorporate and improvise Indian music concepts?

Daryll Dobson: The performance of the music requires a high level of technical execution on all instruments due to the complexity of both genres. 

Cabeza: What can listeners expect when they purchase the CD?

Daryll Dobson: They will receive a message, not necessarily verbal, but an intuitive knowing that we are much more than the activities we pursue every day.

Club Cabeza: This is your first recording as a member of an ensemble, but your fifth CD as an artist. Where can listeners find your other recordings?

Daryll Dobson: Previous recordings include: The Mind Electric featuring Daryll Dobson, L. Shankar, Tony Thunder Smith, Fernando Saunders and more; Studio 21, a solo jazz excursion; Healing Intentions featuring Gerry Brown, Kenwood Dennard and Rael Wesley Grant; and Reality Check featuring Kenwood Dennard and Rael Wesley Grant.

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