• Strat Andriotis: Less Off Patient

    April 01, 2017   By Ablx Staff

    Influenced by jazz guitar legends Django Reinhardt and John McLaughlin, Greece-born (now Canada-based) guitarist Strat Andriotis has released his latest CD entitled Less Off Patient, the follow up to Strat’s critically acclaimed 2015 CD, Liars Incorporated. Less Off Patient features ...

  • Brian Kastan: Roll the Dice on Life

    February 26, 2017   By Ablx Staff

    New York's Brian Kastan seems like an interesting fellow. He is an award-winning nature photographer, has a Masters in Music, and a degree in psychology. He’s a certified clinical hypnotist and a published author. He composes for Hollywood films and TV. He's also just self-released ...

  • Uros Spasojevic Project: Third View

    January 22, 2017   By Ablx Staff

    This release, Uros' third, is quite different than either of its predecessors. Meoldy seems to be the focus this time, and the emphasis on 'hummable' bits causes you to want to listen again and again. The sometimes dense and frenetic harmonic information that often plagues recordings ...

  • Alessio Forlani: Alameda Gardens

    December 22, 2016   By Ablx Staff

    After a few spins, imagery of Florence, Italy guitarist Alessio Forlani playing a supercharged Ferrari with strings came to mind. And while there isn't a surfeit of background information on the Internet, it appears that he's also heavily involved with studio processes and production ...

  • Wonderland Park (featuring Allen Hinds): Just Get In

    October 24, 2016   By Ablx Staff

    I recently reviewed L.A. based guitarist Allen Hinds' excellent Fly South for, and his concurrent release — a trio outing with the band Wonderland Park, Just Get In — provides a contrasting glimpse of the his robust artistic powers. Fans of Jeff Beck, Jimmy Herr ...

  • Michael Atonal Vick - Sound As Music Presents: ProNounced Triple-V (VVV)

    October 24, 2016   By Ablx Staff

    Michael Vick may be best known as the founder of the NYC International Fretless Guitar Festival, but he also has a larger role in bringing the fretless guitar into the mainstream. Vick says, "I feel with acoustic fretless guitar one can get the purity of tone and intonation tha ...

  • Allen Hinds: Fly South

    October 10, 2016   By Ablx Staff

    Alabama-reared guitarist Allen Hinds combines a distinct style with a strong compositional pen that in many instances, goes above the call of duty when it comes to firebrand guitarist-based solo albums. Essentially, this program is not an atypical sojourn where rock or jazz fusion gui ...

  • Guitarist Tassos Spiliotopoulos: In the North

    May 23, 2016   By Ablx Staff

    Originally from Greece, guitarist Tassos Spiliotopoulos has left his mark across Europe and beyond, often working with the likes of Asaf Sirkis, drummer/keyboardist Gary Husband and prog/jazz stalwart John Etheridge. He’s stayed busy as both a sideman and a leader, appearing interna ...

  • Nic Freer

    March 25, 2016   By Ablx Staff

    This is Australian guitarist Nick Freer’s debut as a bandleader. His style undoubtedly draws comparisons to the great Allan Holdsworth. In fact, he's currently working on a thesis for his PhD, entitled “The Improvisational Process of Guitarist Allan Holdsworth: Ontology and Analys ...

  • Uros Spasojevic Project's Story On Bass

    November 08, 2015   By Ablx Staff

    Story On Bass is just that; the story of Uros Spasojevic exploring his instrument. The album examines the bass guitar through an array of tonal characters and unconventional roles. From polyphonic playing, to experimenting with melody and atmospheric delays, Spasojevic investigates ...

  • Bob Frye's Uzoma

    October 29, 2015   By Ablx Staff

    Bassist Ric Fierabracci, guitarist Mike Miller, and drummer Shane Gaalass join keyboardist Bob Frye on his 2015 release Uzoma. The album features eight original tracks that take listeners on a journey though abrupt changes of style and arrangement. A keyboardist’s album featuring ...

  • Mark Papagno's "X" In Review

    January 05, 2015   By Ablx Staff

    With Joshua Davis and Marco Minnemann at his side, Baltimore based guitarist Mark Papagno releases his second trio album “X”. Thirty years in music has enabled Papagno to craft an album built upon several elements of jazz. Davis’ upright bass, mixed with Papagno&r ...

  • Yoosun Nam Quintet: Light of the City

    December 01, 2014   By Ablx Staff

    Yoosun Nam, South Korean alto saxophonist and composer, has released a debut album entitled Light of the City, named for the spirit and energy she feels in her new home. She can be seen performing at jazz clubs in Manhattan as a leader of her own group, along with nearby ...

  • John Mclaughlin and the 4th Dimension, Live in Oslo, Norway, November 28, 2014

    November 29, 2014   By Viggo Hassetvedt

    John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension played two concerts at Nasjonal Jazzscene in Oslo, Norway, November 28, 2014. His band consisted of, as has been the case some years now, of Ranjit Barot (drums and vocals), Etienne Mbappe (bass) and Gary Husband (keyboards and drums). The c ...

  • Chingari

    October 22, 2014   By Rod Sibley

    PERSONNEL: Ranjit Barot — Drums and Vocals ; U. Shrinivas — Electric Mandolin ; Etienne MBappe — Bass and Vocals TRACKS: 1. Pack Up Your Bags 2. Sona Inon 3. Longue Lami 4. Tempest 5. Third World 6. Bombay Makossa You know the names on this rec ...

  • Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for Guitar by Jan Rivera

    September 23, 2014   By Ablx Staff

    When tasked to review this book, it immediately dawned on me how there is very little tutorial information about rhythmic concepts out there. Plenty of educational material deals with harmony and melody, but nothing I’ve seen presents the more challenging concepts of advanced ...

  • Peter Fernandes' Q.E.D. on Review

    September 15, 2014   By Ablx Staff

    Peter Fernandes is a jack-of-all-trades, showing incredible proficiency in several areas. His talents are proudly displayed with the release of his new album Q.E.D., an album Fernandes composed, tracked, mixed and played keyboards and synth. Q.E.D. features a plethora of guest musi ...

  • Al Garcia, an Exceptionally Good Multi-Instrumentalist

    August 09, 2014   By Al Garcia

    Al Garcia: An Exceptionally Good Multi-Instrumentalist by Angel Romeo ( Tampering with Nature is the latest release by indie progressive music artist Al Garcia. The exciting composer and multi-instrumentalist dominates guitars and bass ...

  • Jason Sadites' Tales Under Review

    June 20, 2014   By Ablx Staff

    In the past few years fusion music has slowly witnessed a new genre gradually work its way into the melting pot. Many young guitarists are obviously raised along side the classic roots of fusion music, while also exposed to and influenced by heavier metal and the shred guitar of la ...

  • Don Peretz & Oz Noy's Manufactured Region

    June 01, 2014   By Ablx Staff

    Composer and drummer Don Peretz has teamed up with Oz Noy to create the collaborative EP Manufactured Region. This five track EP exhibits a cross of fusion and electronic improvisation over the backdrop of industrial textured soundscapes. These songs show a momentary departure from ...

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