John Mclaughlin and the 4th Dimension, Live in Oslo, Norway, November 28, 2014


Nov 29, 2014    l   By Viggo Hassetvedt

Two fantastic concerts

John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension played two concerts at Nasjonal Jazzscene in Oslo, Norway, November 28, 2014. His band consisted of, as has been the case some years now, of Ranjit Barot (drums and vocals), Etienne Mbappe (bass) and Gary Husband (keyboards and drums). The concert opened with the powering chords of Raju, then a bluesy Little Miss Valley. The third number was Abbaji, dedicated to Ravi Shankarś longtime colleage and tabla player Alla Rakha. Here the band, with Ranjit Barot in forefront chanted love and understanding. Other numbers covered were Light at the Edge of the World (Pharoah Sanders), very lyrically played, Echos from then, the rocking Sulley (Gary Husband), Senor C.S. (for Carlos Santana), Hijacked, highlighting some phenomenal basswork by Etienne Mbappe, The Creator has a Master Plan (Pharoah Sanders), with vocals and Mother Tongues. McLaughlin was in top form throughout the two concerts (In his own words, the first one being only a warm-up to the second. He played a powering duet with Ranjit Barot (Mother Tongues), where Barot and Husband also had a drum battle. Ranjit Barot was featured on the Indian vocal konakol various times throughout the concerts. The encore was an energetic You know You know from the Mahavishnu Era. In this composition John McLaughlin quoted from Jean Pierre (Miles Davis) and Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix). Both shows received standing ovations and were sold out, highly recommended!  

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