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Nov 08, 2015    l   By Ablx Staff

Story On Bass is just that; the story of Uros Spasojevic exploring his instrument. The album examines the bass guitar through an array of tonal characters and unconventional roles. From polyphonic playing, to experimenting with melody and atmospheric delays, Spasojevic investigates the total possibilities of his instrument through nine original compositions. Joined by Boris Novakovic on the Rhodes, Lazar Avramovic on the piano, and Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac and Branko Popovic on drums, Story On Bass is a fantasic exploration of the low frequency instrument.

The album contains three consistent arrangements composed of solo bass; drums, bass, and piano; and drums, Rhodes, and bass. The album opens, closes and has an interlude of Uros Spasojevic on his own with the bass. These pieces feel the most intimate, and are also the most experimental, incorporating chords, as well as delays and chorus to create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere. These solo pieces, and many of the trio arrangements have a sense of longing, as if the story being told is that of love and loss. Spasojevic has the talent to use a single instrument and achieve emotionally what may take other composers a full band.

Regardless of the story being told throughout Story on Bass, Spasojevic is able to sing melodies through his instrument like very few bass players can. Whether he is on his own, or using drums and piano to cover rhythm and harmony, Spasojevic’s sense of melody is stunning. The compositions are composed with such space that all musicians are able to express their own inspirations while working as a solid unit. It is easy to focus on the rhythmic complexity of the drums without it detracting from Spasojevic’s melodies or the comping on the keys. Story On Bass is an excellent demonstration of the abilities of a rhythm section, allowing them to step out and reveal the full capabilities of instruments often used to hold a piece together. 

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