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Apr 01, 2017    l   By Ablx Staff

Gypsy Jazz Returns!

Influenced by jazz guitar legends Django Reinhardt and John McLaughlin, Greece-born (now Canada-based) guitarist Strat Andriotis has released his latest CD entitled Less Off Patient, the follow up to Strat’s critically acclaimed 2015 CD, Liars Incorporated. Less Off Patient features eleven original tracks of instrumental guitar music, blending elements of Gypsy jazz and classical music. Strat is joined by Adrianna Lee (violin) and Jeff Vidov (piano).

There is definitely a European flavor here. Bouncing and inspiring, these relatively short pieces are a treat; acoustic, effects-free performances that harken back to a simpler time. The purity of tones and strength of the musicianship makes for repeated listening, and you’ll likely notice something remarkable with each new spin. The songwriting is top-notch, and the range of moods (and even the order of the songs) makes for a finely-crafted presentation.

Fans of the aforementioned guitarists, as well as John Jorgenson, Bireli Lagrene, and Stephane Grappelli will find much to like here. It would be a bit unfair to claim that this is just a modern take on time-honored traditional styles, since the concept and delivery seems so personal to these players. Each of the three musicians exhibit great facility and tastefulness throughout. There’s no bombastic overplaying to be found, yet their skill is clearly on display, in service of the harmony and melody at hand.

A great disc to chill out with while driving or to put on at your next dinner party, Less Off Patient is a balanced and well-recorded collection. Kudos to Strat for making music of this class and virtuosity, and for making it available for the rest of us.

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