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AbstractLogix is one of the internet's most visited websites catering to progressive, improvised and experimental music covering Jazz, Fusion, Rock, World Music among other genres. It offers thousands of products as well as a wealth of information about your favorite music and musicians through interviews, features, reviews and more. Take advantage of's reach and connect with over thousands of readers, music buyers and musicians from all over the world.

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How To Sell Your CD/DVD/Book on AbstractLogix

  • Contact us if you want to sell your CD/DVD/Book. You'll find our contact information at the bottom of this page.
  • Once we decide to sell your product, please send us 5 copies of each title.
  • If you're selling a CD, you'll also need to send a CD of sample tracks so that we can have them available for a potential customer to listen to. You decide the length of the samples.
  • If it is a DVD, you may send us video samples.
  • If it is a book, send us a sample Adobe PDF Document.
  • AbstractLogix keeps 25% of the selling price
  • We review the sales every month and send you a check. If you sell all your products under 4 weeks, you get paid right away. If you are not a resident of USA, you will be paid using Paypal [].

Extended Services

  • Distribute your postcards/print advertising with all shipped orders. Cost: $500.00 /5000 postcards
  • Aggressive Internet Marketing. We will design web pages for you that will be automatically submitted to all search engines, paid search services with Google, MSN, AOL and CNN. You will see results in two weeks. Prices start at $200/month.
  • Web Designing, Hosting and Managing your websites. Prices vary.
  • Flash Movies and Ads. Prices start from $100.00
  • Logos, Banners and Print Services. Prices start from $50.00

CD/DVD Reviews

Get your CD/DVD reviewed by world renowned music journalists that you can use for your press packs, etc. These reviews will also be featured on Cost: $75.00

How To Pay Registration Fee

Checking Inventory, Payments, Sales and Statistics

This is a B2B system. It usually takes 2-3 days to set up your account. Go to

Contact Information

Address: AbstractLogix, 103 Sarabande Drive, Cary, North Carolina 27513, USA
Phone: (919) 342 5700

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