Test Oz Noy


1. You have been based out of New York for a quite a while now to call you a New Yorker, How has your journey evolved from the first day you picked up the guitar to being recognized as one of the finest player of today ?
I grew up in Israel and started to play guitar at the age of 10, by the age of 15 my friend started to tell me that i need to go to NYC and play there, i never really though i would actually do it but when i turned 24 i got the courage and went there, i still pinch myself sometime going like “ waoo , i live in NYC and play with a lot of my heroes!” even after all this years , its still exciting!
2. Booga Looga Loo sound exciting and fun?
Its the funnest record i’ve done.
Take your fans through your journey of the music you wrote and recorded for the album?
I have to have a concept in order to write an album, once i know what the concept is its much easier for me to start writing and collecting songs that will fit the album. when i did Twisted Blues vol 1 & 2 i have this concept of taking the blues and mixing it with jazz, when i did Who Gives A Funk i had an idea of making a soul , funk R&B album. on tis latest album i wanted to make a boogaloo record but mix it with some electric jazz so its like Boogaloo Meets Miles Davis Bitches Brew… that was kind of my idea.
3. You seem to have some of the finest musicians on the record?
Yes, im a very lucky guy to have excess to all this guys!
How do you “feel” the guys on the songs you recorded ?
A lot of the time when i write i will already think of who can play on that track, its mostly starts with drummers, that inspire the direction of the song & groove sometimes, once i know who the best drummer for that song or songs i will try to call a bass player that works really well with that drummer. Will Lee & Steve Ferrone have a long history together and i played with them a bunch!, Vinnie Colaiuta & John Patitucci done a lot of stuff together and Vinnie was actually in Johns band for a while so i know that would be a great combination, and i also played with both of them separately a bunch so… I did a few tours with James Genus & Dave Weckl and we have a great hook up together so that was a no brainer for me.

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