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Show of the Week: Tribal Tech – Musician’s Institute, Hollywood, CA, USA – 18 January 1996

Show of the Week: Tribal Tech – Musician’s Institute, Hollywood, CA, USA – 18 January 1996

This time around we have Tribal Tech: Scott Henderson, Gary Willis, Scott Kinsey, and Kirk Covington at the Musician’s Institute in 1996. Enjoy! »

Gary Willis: Larger Than Life

Gary Willis: Larger Than Life

Gary Willis, one of the world’s leading bassists, has delivered his fifth album Larger Than Life—a delicious collection of fusion-funk for the twenty-first century. Joining Willis on this set of twelve tracks are Gergo Borlai on drums, long-time Tribal Tech band mate Scott Kinsey on keyboards, Steve Tavaglione on saxes and EWI, Claudia Bardagí on voice and Llibert Fortuny on tenor sax and voice. A... »

Larger Than Life

Gary Willis talks about his new album Larger Than Life

On the eve of the release of his new album Larger Than Life, we sat down with bassist, improvisor, and composer Gary Willis to discuss his collaborators on the project, his process, and the results. Q: Given the vast geographic disparity, how did this record come together — were you all in the same room or did you take a more modular approach? What were the advantages of your chosen approach and h... »

Gary Willis - Actual Fiction

Gary Willis – Actual Fiction

The opening notes of this Cd hit me like John McLaughlin’s Industrial Zen, but quickly turned my head around. Industrial Zen and Actual Fiction are both deeply profound statements in the direction of Fusion’s ability to adapt itself to the new Home Studio environment. Actual Fiction by contrast is much more Groove oriented while still maintaining that wild experimental and “fusionist” vision. Gary... »

Slaughterhouse 3 "S3"

Slaughterhouse 3 “S3”

CD: Slaughterhouse 3 “S3” Musicians: Gary Willis – Bass Llibert Fortuny – Sax/Effects Kirk Covington – Drums Songs: 01. Slaughterhouse 3 [0:04:29.04] 02. Life Story [0:05:49.53] 03. Let’s Go [0:05:16.33] 04. Toxic [0:05:58.69] 05. Booty Duty [0:04:10.12] 06. Another Chance [0:06:00.64] 07. TrapezeNobody’s Friend [0:07:03.16] 08. Stinky [0:05:18.13] 09. Sleep Deprivation [0:02:43.44] 10... »

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