Hadrien Feraud

John McLaughlin : Floating Point

John McLaughlin – Floating Point

Jazz guitar icon John McLaughlin has recorded with some of the greatest musicians in the world. And those musicians have always brought their unique styles to his projects, and left their own stamp on the resulting music. In that respect, McLaughlin’s latest album Floating Point (Abstract Logix Records) is no different; it’s a wonderful album full of great playing by all the sidemen in... »

Bireli Lagrene and Hadrien Feraud - live at New Morning, Paris, January 8, 2008

Bireli Lagrene and Hadrien Feraud – live at New Morning, Paris, January 8, 2008

Bireli Lagrene (guitar), Franck Wolf (sax), Hadrien Feraud (bass), Damien Schmitt (drums) with Michael Lecoq (keyboards) and a steel drum player – plus Jazzim (DJ) gave a most amazing concert at New Morning, Paris, January 8, 2008. The concert was very well attended and Lagrene & co performed two sets of high quality jazz improvisations. After hearing Lagrene at Jazz a Juan and Feraud in... »

John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin in Monaco November 26, 2006

John McLaughlin and friends had a stunning performance in Monaco on November 26, 2006: There were four guitarists, two bassists and two drummers on stage. The player included Dominique diPiazza and Hadrien Feraud (bass), Eric Sempe, Louis Winsberg and Marc Guillermont (guitars). John McLaughlin performed Hi Jacked from Que Alegria with both Dominique diPiazza and Hadrien Feraud as well as Senor CS... »

Hadrien Feraud

Bassist Hadrien Feraud Interview

John McLaughlin’s latest musical adventure, Industrial Zen features many accomplished musical giants and household names in the world of jazz and fusion. The one name that you might be unfamiliar with is the youngest musician of the band, Hadrien Feraud, the bassist who mesmerizes in the album opener For Jaco as well as Senor C.S.. Along with bassists Tony Grey and Matt Garrison, Hadrien Fer... »

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