Oz Noy

Oz Noy Trio: Asian Twistz

Oz Noy Trio: Asian Twistz

Oz Noy Trio, featuring Dave Weckl (Drums), Etienne Mbappe (Bass) Acclaimed Israeli-born, New York-based guitarist and composer Oz Noy strains against boundaries, creating intuitive, fluid sonic art suspended somewhere between blues anguish, rock power, and the rich harmonic density of jazz. Available via Abstract Logix, the live Asian Twistz may just be the purest distillation of his vision yet. A... »

Don Peretz & Oz Noy's Manufactured Region

Don Peretz & Oz Noy’s Manufactured Region

Composer and drummer Don Peretz has teamed up with Oz Noy to create the collaborative EP Manufactured Region. This five track EP exhibits a cross of fusion and electronic improvisation over the backdrop of industrial textured soundscapes. These songs show a momentary departure from Noy’s iconic blues style, yet still maintains his personality and tone. The pieces create strong imagery and at times... »

Oz Noy

Oz Noy Interview

Oz Noy is a guitar player that blends rock, jazz, blues, and funk into his own unique style that stands out from the fusion world. A staple at the Bitter End in New York City, Oz has five solo releases to his name. The lastest of which is titled Twisted Blues Vol. 1. The album displays his ability to take the blues and jazz, and create something distinctive and fresh, but preserve the familiarity ... »

Doug Johns: Stank

Doug Johns: Stank

With its green-hued cover art and colorful title, bassist Doug John’s Stank CD features memorable qualities before it’s even opened. But once it is, Stank offers up the advertised layer of funk – sometimes overtly; sometimes covertly – over 10 stellar tracks. If you’re not yet familiar with Johns’ name, you’ll recognize elements of his sound, which mixes t... »

Oz Noy - Schizophrenic

Oz Noy – Schizophrenic

Oz Noy is at the cutting-edge of modern jazz-funk guitar. An in-demand session player, Noy can often be found plying his wares in clubs such as New York’s 55 Bar, or The Bitter End. His unique compositions and playing style make him one of the most easily recognizable players on the scene today, and his solo recordings have all been virtual clinics on jazz and funk guitar playing. On his fou... »

Oz Noy - Fuzzy

Oz Noy – Fuzzy

Israeli-born guitarist Oz Noy has released his strongest solo album to date – a fine collection of jazz and funk instrumentals entitled Fuzzy (Magnatude Records, a division of Magna Carta). Joining Noy on this recording are Anton Fig, Will Lee, Keith Carlock, James Genus, Jimmy Johnson, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jim Beard, George Whitty and Shai Bachar. Based in New York, Noy is an in-demand session ... »

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