The Palestine Concert

John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain and Shakti: The Palestine Concert

Though far removed from the occupied Palestinian territories, the Akha people of South East Asia have a saying about music that strikes a universal note; a village without music is not a village. Back in the 1930s and 1940s there was a Palestine Philharmonic but now it’s called the Israeli Symphony Orchestra, just one more example of the cultural occupation that Israel exerts on Palestinians. The ... »

Shakti - The Way of Beauty

Shakti – The Way of Beauty (DVD)

The Way of Beauty is the most complete document on Seminal World Music band Shakti. Having grown up with this music, this dvd is quite special to me and I am sure most lovers of this kind of music will agree. The DVD has been divided into 5 categories. 1. The Interviews with Zakir Hussain and John McLaughlin are simply worth the price of this dvd. Its great to hear John (Where does he get that coo... »



Summit is a brand new supergroup with some of the best players of today. The music is highly eclectic in the reigns of Shakti and Hellborg’s east west fusion stuff. This record puts a fresh perspective in the world of fusion music. Brooks performance on the saxophone with a tone, rhythmic concept and harmonic concept is high eclectic . The musical communication between Steve Smith and Zakir ... »



Jonas Hellborg’s new album ICON is his best effort to date in bridging the musical worlds of South Indian Carnatic music and the progressive rock jazz elements of the western world. Not since the legendary fusion group of the seventies, Shakti, has any musican created such an impact. Featured on the cd is guitar virtuoso from Memphis, Shawn Lane, and the three Vinayakram Brothers, sons of le... »

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